Beautiful Water Drop Shape Spy Voice Recorder Digital 8Gb Audio Dictaphone Mp3 Player Usb Rechargeable
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【Designed for speech recording】 You can record high-quality speech discreetly from your pocket. The high sensitivity of the voice recorder allows you to make clear recordings of spoken speech. The recorder is ideal for recording speeches, lectures, and work meetings.
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    WMA, WAV, MP3
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    5 m
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Beautiful waterdropSpy Voice Recorder Digital 8gb Audio Dictaphone Mp3 Player Usb Rechargeable Function:
1, quality excellent, up to 192 KBPS / 48 KHZ (8G capacity to support 96 hours of working time);
2,With time as the file name, convenient recording data compilation;
3, the default normal recording, can adjust to the Voice Operated Switch mode;
4, monitoring function (function of hearing AIDS, amplifying sound, while listening to recorded);
5, can detect whether recording in the recording state;
6, low sensitivity recording, ultra-long recording function;
7, can play the recording files and music; play the recording files and play MP3 files is different operation, the recording more hidden;
8, support volume high and low;
9, fast forward and fast rewind function;
10, Voice Tirgger Voice Recorder.
11, delete all files recording function;
12, charging while recording function;
13, capacity is full ,automatic save the recording file;
14, when low battery ,automatically save the recording file;
15, support 4G/8G/16G/32G.

Recording Storage Capacity: 8GBok for 96hours around Memory: 8GB Internal Recording format: WAV,WMA, MP3 Playback: Windows Media Player or VLC Player Battery: Internal - USB Rechargeable Memory Type: Flash Compatibility: Win 2000, XP, ME, NT, Mac 8.6 or higher Voice activated : YES, starts recording if any voice detected USB Ttansmission Speed USB 2.0/Maximum 960KBps Recording Bit Rate 192kbps Rec Audio Sample Rate 48KHz MP3 working time 30 hours around Output Power 4mW+4mW(16Q) Dimension: 4.8*2.8*0.5cm
Working instruction:
Record Voices or Sounds
Simple One Button Operation to start records or save and stop ;
Rechargeable Internal Battery for long time
USB Download / Upload
Ok to connect to PC to set a password , files records or copied inside will be requestedpassword to read .
Fast time to charge ,30 minutes around to charge 80% .
Voice activated function :press '-' button and simultaneous switch on recorder ,till to LED off , then the function will be on state . If directly switch on recorder without press '-' , the recorder will continously records .
nani audio amplification technology for long distance records and reduce noise.
Playback format WMA, WAV, MP3
Comfort recording distance 5 m
A/C 5V
Memory size 4GB
Battery 245mAh
Control range
Battery Life up to 4d
Charging time 30 minutes
Memory usage ≈60 mbar / 1 hour

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