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2-in-1 Mini USB Voice Recorder-4GB USB Digital Audio Voice Recorder USB Flash Drive- USB Voice Recorde - Record Meetings Lectures Interviews 4GB 140 hrs Recording
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The recorder in the form of a stick has a 4GB memory and can be used as mobile memory for storing various information. The device has a sensor which, in response to the audio may automatically start recording. Thanks to this clever USB flash drive voice recorder can be used as bug, recording everything that happens around. The amount of memory is about 60 MB/1 hour, because 4 GB is enough for a long time.

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  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Playback format :
    WMA, WAV, MP3
  • Comfort recording distance :
    10 m
  • Motion Sensor :
  • A/C :
  • Memory size :
  • Battery :
  • Battery Life :
    up to 24 hrs
  • Charging time :
    30 minutes
  • Memory usage :
    ≈60 mbar / 1 hour
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·       Brand new and high quality

·       Ultra small, covert, easy to use

·       High sensitivity microphone

·       Voice activation system

·       Operating distance up to 9 meters

·       One button control

·       Up to 7 days in standby mode and up to 16 hours of recording

·       4 GB internal memory


This Flash Drive Voice Recorder is very compact and incredibly easy to use. Its unique system gives opportunity to save the recorder’s memory and battery charge. The Flash Drive Voice Recorder can be charged from a USB port and can record up to 16 hours of high-quality audio. It is of size of an ordinary flash drive and you can take it with you wherever you want and nobody will ever tell the difference. With the 4 GB internal memory and a high-sensitivity microphone, it can record a lot of information without doubt. And its sound sensor will not let you miss anything.


Why do I need this?

This Flash Drive Voice Recorder is an irreplaceable gadget for those who needs to remember lots of information quickly. All you need is to press the button. Whether you are a student or a journalist, this little buddy will make a nice companion for you on lectures, seminars, and interviews as well. As for the interviews, well, the person being interviewed doesn’t even have to know about it, because the device is so innocents and covert that no one will ever suspect it in being a voice recorder.

With this Flash Drive Voice Recorder you will protect your rights from those who want to infringe on them. Or you can just record your voice, making voice notes of your genius ideas and thoughts, which is much easier and faster than to write them down.


ATTENTION! We are interested in quality of our products. That is why we test all the items thoroughly before shipping. We provide a two-week guarantee and free replacement in 24 hours in case of failure.



1. Turn the switch to ON

2. In about 2 seconds the LED will start blinking and when it stops, the recording will start

3. Turn the same switch to the OFF position to stop recording



1. Just connect it to your PC as an ordinary USB Flash Drive.

2. The device will be charging while you are listening to the recordings you’ve made.

3. It takes about 1.5-2 hours to fully charge the battery of this device.


What you get:

·       2 week warranty

·       Expedited shipping

·       High quality

No questions.

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