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Car GPS tracker can autonomously G200 to work up to 5 days with battery 6000 mAh. The coordinates are transmitted by 2G network on phone or tablet.
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Compact car tracker G200 due to its small size you can hide in the cabin of the vehicle without arousing suspicion from the owner. From the built-in battery capacity of 6000 mAh, the device can work up to 5 days. Hidden GPS tracker G200 has a sensitivity of -159 dBm and is defined with accuracy up to 5 meters coordinates reports on 2G network on your mobile phone or tablet.

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Main functions:

* Update the time on Google Maps via sms, the app (IOS and Android) and web server

* Playback routes history on the application and the web server can save data up to 3 months

* Low battery alarm

* Sleep mode for energy saving

* Built-in powerful magnet for easy installation

* Support GPS/lbs/GPS tracking

* IP65 waterproof

* Anti-tamper trigger alarm

* Rechargeable 6000 mAh battery standby up to 60 days

* track assets / containers / machines
* rental vehicle / fleet management
* car insurance
* track motorcycles / scooters
* Managing safety of personnel

Battery 6000mAh
GPS accuracy 5-15 m
GPS sensitivity -159dBm
Battery Life 5 d
Network 2G

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