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540-69 Tracker 2G G900 (Mini) automotive control
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【Free Android IOS app】 You can easily get location data via the free app, which you will need to install on your Android or IOS device. In the instructions for this tracker, you will find the name of the app that you will need to download. You will need to download and install the app on your phone to use tracker.
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Working based on existing GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or GPRS. Tracker G900 is designed for compact and easy using for vehicle tracking with built-in GPS and GSM module to transmit GPS data to the authorized mobile number by SMS, it can display the current location on phone or tracking the location on Google Earth or Google map. In addition, GPS data can be transmitted by GPRS to Internet server to be monitored in real time on the computer.


  • GSM Quad-band worldwide, accurate tracking in real-time.
  • no internal battery, connects directly
  • working voltage 9-100 In
  • you can set a range exceeding the speed limit, exceed the speed in the settings, the device will send alarm message to your mobile phone.
  • waterproof and dustproof, protection level IP65.
  • compatible with ios, Android system
  • view the history of the movement for the last 180 days
  • possible monitring more than one means
Battery 100mAh
GPS accuracy 5-15 m
GPS sensitivity -159dBm
Battery Life 5 d
Network 2G

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