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540-61 GPS tracker for dogs large breed S1 GPS LBS Wi-Fi online connection
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【Free Android IOS app】 You can get location information through the free app, which you will need to install on your Android or IOS device. You can find information about the app in the tracker instructions. For your convenience, after downloading and installing the app, you will get a comfortable interface to use.
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  • Battery :
  • GPS accuracy :
    5-15 m
  • Control range :
    within the coverage area
  • Cold start :
    26 seconds
  • GPS sensitivity :
    -148dBm / -162dBM
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GPS tracker dog collar waterproof with app for Iphone/android smartphones. Using this collar you get the ability to track the whereabouts of your animal using the global positioning system GPS. This model is designed primarily for dogs medium to large breeds, suggests that the large size of the strap.

This model has the capability of tracking the exact location of the animal in real-time using mobile phone or PC, allows you to view the route, etc. Using the GPS system, this collar is able to determine their position with accuracy up to 10 meters. In addition, this tracker also supports two options for determining the coordinates, LBS, and Wi-Fi positioning system.

It is worth noting that the main will be GPS tracking and other options will be applied, if the coating is the "main" network is unavailable. Precision WI-FI positioning varies from 5 to 30 m, and the LBS positioning accuracy ranges from 100 to 500 m. the System LBS (LocationBasedService) is based on obtaining geographic data from GSM towers and is quite an interesting substitute for GPS systems.

The system works so if the tracker does not receive a valid GPS coordinate, then it will transmit to the server (if GPRS enabled) information about your location using information received from the GSM towers. In this case, the map of the Internet service near the track points will be flagging LBS, that would be clear that these coordinates were obtained through this service. It is understood that this function can be used generally in most areas with GSM network, but may not be available in some areas.

As in other systems of General data on the whereabouts of a mobile GSM communications, and the tracker supports SIM card of all major mobile operators. The dog collar tracker is a small size and curved shape (like an arc), case material ABS plastic. The case is made airtight and is adapted for use in difficult conditions, such as hunting in the woods or field, in addition it can be used under rain and in dusty places. The entire front side of the tracker is reserved for a small display and a speaker. On the side is a button to turn on and off the device. On the lower side are contacts for charging the tracker and optical sensor.

It should be noted that the rear side of the tracker is removable and is removed by unscrewing 4 screws. The protective cover houses all control electronics and a slot for the SIM card. The power provided by a battery, whose capacity is 500 mAh, that allows you to hold a charge for 4 days. Charging the internal battery from the mains using the power adapter or from your computer, it uses a special charger.

The tracker is attached to a silicon strap (included) with a special "rivets". Strap length is adjustable, and the overall girth of the strap is 60 cm, which is enough for any medium size dog. As in many modern models, the tracker has special software (application) that can be used with mobile devices.

To work with this tracker using the app are iOS Android smartphones. Supported mobile devices with Android 2.3 and IOS 5.0 and above. To get started you need to install the application, you need to scan the BAR code on Your instructions, and to download a special app called "AIBEILE" or find it in Play Market or App Store. Then, you must make the starting settings in the app and can be used (more details in user manual). Using the app you will be able to know exactly where your pet is standing still or moving etc.

The app is very convenient and user-friendly as all functions and settings are divided into several sub-items. This tracker supports the ability to store transfer history for the last 3 months, which is very useful. To use tracker you can not only using mobile devices, but with the help of a PC or laptop. Itself, supports SMS tracking mobile by SMS commands. Nice features of the tracker include the ability to remotely turn on and off the tracker to save battery in those moments when the tracker is not needed.

This tracker will be all the way to the breeders of purebred and rare dogs, which cost is extremely high and should strictly control their location. In addition, this type of collars trackers are often used for hunting dogs during the hunting or training. Simply put, if You want to know exactly where your pet is and have a handy app for tracking the data, then this GPS tracker collar for dogs elite waterproof with app for Iphone/android smartphone (model FRT-S1) is guaranteed to pleasantly surprise You with its capabilities.


  • The possibility of GPS or LBS monitoring an animal in real time
  • The tracker has a GPS, LBS, and Wi-Fi positioning system with different accuracy of determining
  • The optical sensor on the back of the collar to control the availability of it on the dog
  • Built-in high sensitivity ceramic antenna
  • Support for mobile devices on Android 2.3 and IOS 5.0 and above
  • Convenient operation and monitoring with the free app
  • The ability to verify the history of the movement up to three months
  • The presence of several modes of operation, quick positioning, the default positioning, positioning and energy savings
  • The ability to remotely turn on / off tracker
  • Small size, low weight and high degree of water resistance
Battery 500mAh
GPS accuracy 5-15 m
Control range within the coverage area
Cold start 26 seconds
GPS sensitivity -148dBm / -162dBM
Continuous tracking mode yes
Battery Life 5 d
Network GSM / GPRS

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