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540-59 Mini GPS tracker keychain A21 universal long will take work 1000Mah
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【Android or iOS】 You will get all your location data from the free app, which you will need to install on your Android or IOS device. In the instructions for this tracker, you will find the name of the app that you will need to download. For your convenience, after downloading and installing the app, you will get a comfortable interface to use.
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  • Battery :
  • GPS accuracy :
    5-15 m
  • GPS sensitivity :
    -165dBm / 148dBm
  • Battery Life :
    5 d
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A distinctive feature of this keychain GPS tracker A21 is water resistant, long duration of operation (battery 1000mA) , voice playback of the current time (in English.language), small size and elegant design.

Compact GPS tracker A21, a great device for tracking people, Pets, vehicles or goods. The device is equipped with a weatherproof housing, Euro standard IP67, which protects it from damage in contact with moisture or dust. The body has the SOS button, this button is useful for communication in an emergency situation, if you hold the button, the device rings and sends a notification to preset phone numbers. Also on the keychain you can call. Small size tracker is ideal for personal use.

Keychain can be use as a clock. At the touch of a button, notified the current time in English.language.

Easy tracking of devices - just install the free app on your mobile phone or tablet, the app displays a map with the exact location of the device (the error is only 5-10 meters). Also track the device from your computer, through a web interface service site online monitoring, you will see the device's location and track where the device was before.

A special program for your smartphone with the function of listening, will help You to always be aware of what is happening surrounded by Your child, parents, pet, car, Luggage.


  • Online monitoring of locations and movement paths through a smartphone, tablet
  • Geolocation to the nearest Wi-Fi devices
  • Two-way voice communication (on keychain you can call)
  • SOS button
  • Hidden wire surrounded by up to 5 meters
  • Electronic fence (notice of entrance and exit of the specified zone)
  • Premium quality and durable keychain with protection against dust and splashing
  • Magnetic charging
  • Vibra
  • Small size and weight
  • Working time in standby mode up to 10 days
  • Elegant design
  • Color black
Battery 1000mAh
GPS accuracy 5-15 m
GPS sensitivity -165dBm / 148dBm
Battery Life 5 d
Network 2G
Equipment 1 x GPS-tracker 1 x USB-cable

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