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Durable The Ear Listens Super Sensitive Thru-Wall Contact Probe Microphone Set Spy Audio Ear Listening Device
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【Check Before Sending】 The device has a high quality and miniature design. A high-quality product passes 2-level verification. The 1st stage of verification is carried out by the manufacturer of the gadget, the 2nd-by us, which guarantees the quality of the device. This becomes a guarantee that the product will come to you in working condition.
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    up to 15m
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●    Brand new and high quality

●    Covert, easy to use

●    Powerful item for surveillance

●    Amplifies sound 20000 times

●    “Hears” quiet conversation through walls up to 25 cm thick!

●    Li-ion battery ensures up to 100 hours of autonomous work


This really covert device is a Professional Wall Surveillance Kit and itis a must-have kit for every man whether to always be one step ahead his competitors or to stay aware of the atmosphere at home. This device will perfectly do for a stealth voice surveillance through the walls 25 cm thick. It is actually a very useful bug kit working with Li-ion battery and ordinary radio receivers. You can easily use this Professional Wall Surveillance Kit for about 100 hours and listen to even quiet conversations through the walls 25 cm thick. And you may be sure that nobody will ever notice this small and covert device behind the wall.


Why do I need this?

Not only a professional detective or spy need such device in his life. Every business owner, a concerned husband or wife should have one of these. Having such a helper at your hand is very important when you need to hear what you are not allowed to hear whether it is talks of your employees or unfaithful spouse. And you can place it behind the wall and no one will ever find it! One Professional Wall Surveillance Kit will help you to solve many problems at once. No more backstabbing in your life and people you can not trust around you.


ATTENTION! We are interested in quality of our products. That is why we test all the items thoroughly before shipping. We provide a two-week guarantee and free replacement in 24 hours in case of failure.



1.Connect the earphones and put them on

2. Install the sensor on the wall and set the level of amplification

3. Listen to the conversations through 25 cm thick walls



1 x Metal receiver combined with amplifier

1 x Supersensitive microphone

1 x Professional earphones

1 x Power adapter

1 x Compact steel case


What you get:

●               2 week warranty

●               Expedited shipping

●               High quality

●               All the products are tested before shipping

●               Replacement in 24 hours in case of failure

●               Call right now and order Professional Wall Surveillance Kit to get the best price on the market.

Comfort recording distance up to 15m
Motion Sensor Support
A/C 3.7V
Memory size no
Battery 500mAh
Control range Walls up to 70cm
Humidity 15-85%
Battery Life 3 days
Recordability no

No questions.

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