Smallest World D3 Mini GPS Tracker GSM LBS Real-time Tracking Voice Recording Web App SMS Locator for Children Pets Luggage Car Motorcycle HOT APP Remote Control
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The Tracker has Battery :400mAhand Battery Life :5 d this time is enough to find out everything you need,you can also increase the working time with an additional battery to several days or months,depending on the size. Tracker has additional very nice features such as audio control, conversation recording, monitoring via its own free appYou can find and download the app on Android or ios via the app Market.
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TOPIN D3 D7 Mini GPS Tracker Real-time Call Voice Monitoring Web/App Tracking SMS Control Monitor For Children Pet Luggage Car Locator

ZX302 PCBA Configure---Web platform: APP: 365GPS
No. Specifics Description
1 Main function Support: Real-time GPS/AGPS/LBS Positioning, SOS, Voice Monitoring, Call Family Numbers, Pedometer, Geo-Fence Alarm Reminder, historical track, Alarm Clock, Class Mode, Power Save Mode 
2 Chip MT2503/MTK3333
3 Storage  32M Flash Memory
5 Size 18*31*4.5mm(thickness is total PCBA and GPS antenna)
6 Working Temperature -20℃ - +70℃
7 Working Humidity 20%-80%RH
8 SIM Card Nano SIM Card Holder
9 GSM Band  850MHz/900MHz/1800 MHz/1900MHz
10 GPRS Class 12
11 Battery Charging 5V 3.7V 400mAh(According to structure design,choose different battery)
12 Standby Average Current Less than 2mA (Depends on the connection between device and server)
13  I/O Interface Built-in Micro 5pin
14 Horn 0916 AAC
15 MIC Strong Anti-interference Microphone(heard the voice within 10metres)
16 Sensor  3D G-Sensor
17 GPS Positioning Accuracy Within 10Metres
18 GSM Positioning Accuracy 50-200Metres (Depending on the network)
19 Speed Positioning Accuracy 0.1metre/second
20 GPS Positioning Time Cold Boot-38s(Open sky) Warm Boot-2s(Open sky) The specific time is affected by the environment
21 Shell Material PC Material Injection moldin, spraying
22 GSM Antenna PIFA Antenna
23 GPS Antenna 15X15 High performance ceramic antenna
24 Standby Time Depend on the battery capacity
25 Working Voltage 3.7-4.2V(below 3.7V auto power off)
26 Charging Current Charging 5V 800mAh (Set current according to different battery capacities)

D3 : 400mah ( default battery capacity)
D7: 1000mah
1.Note: This is 2G GPS Tracker , only support 2G sim card.
2.The Topin Official Service platform:
Android application: 365gps
iOS application: 365gps
Login ID: IMEI number, Default Password: 123456 
3. QR code scanning access

【Start voice Alarm】 The new voice activation feature allows the device owner to install hardware anywhere and simply forget about its existence until recordings are needed. The device's built-in voice activation feature automatically turns on the device when sound appears around the tracker. The hidden voice recorder automatically goes to sleep mode if there are no sounds, this will significantly save disk space and extend the battery life.
【Audio monitoring capability】 A normal call to the SIM card number will allow you to hear sounds around this device, there will be no noise or light from the device, so you can find out about everything around the tracker without giving yourself away.
【Online monitoring】 Available view locations in real time: log in to your device using your smartphone or phone and look at all the reports at once, detailed reports about the tracker's current location, travel route, and trip speed.
【Multifunctionality】 A high-tech GPS tracker needs to be installed in a car or motorcycle, since it contains built-in GSM and GPS dual antennas with ACC function for ignition detection. (There is no SIM card included). GPS tracker is great for everyone, thanks to its simplicity in use for motorcyclists, truck drivers, taxi drivers, etc. Text alerts about the beginning of movement (ACC alarm), being in the designated areas of the city, running out of battery, speeding, historical data is st
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China China
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Battery 400mAh
GPS accuracy 5-15 m
GPS sensitivity -165dBm / 148dBm
Battery Life 5 d
Network 2G
Equipment 1 x GPS-tracker 1 x USB-cable (length 80 cm), 1 x cable 1 x English manual

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