Bug with Spy Hidden Camera X009

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Bug with Spy Hidden Camera X009

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Camera bug spy device of new generation, allowing not only to listen to conversations, but to shoot video and take pictures. The main advantage of this model is that all commands, whether a start of recording or the audio recording you are using regular SMS messages.

Scope hidden cameras bugs

Usually mini camera bugs used by police, public security departments to combat corruption and journalists. However, to date this device can be purchased by any who wants to listen to someone else's conversation and track a specific person. A bug for eavesdropping with a camera often used by businessmen who wish to learn conversations of competitors, spouses, doubting the fidelity of his partner and the car owners who always want to be aware of what is happening with their car. Besides the bug with the camera is indispensable for new parents – it copes with the function of regionalni. The model bug has the function of sending a message to your phone in case of fixation of exceeding the noise level, which allows to use it as a alarm for the house or car.

Features and benefits camera bug wiretapping

  • Is monitored using a SIM card of any mobile operator.
  • The device is extremely simple in operation – for example, when sending to it the code number "000" bug with the camera makes the photo, the same codes are activated function video audio, format the flash drive and audio surveillance.
  • Allows you to shoot video with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels in good quality and with sound, and also take photos and record conversations.
  • 450mAh battery lasts for 4 hours of active work. In offline mode the bug open until 14 days.
  • Also, the device has the functions of audio control. Send a message to "777" and you will receive notices about excess noise. When the sound will exceed 50 dB, then your phone will start ringing.

Characteristics and working principle


bug with camera

Weight: 48 g Dimensions (l x W x h): 55 mm x 45 mm x 14 mm Active mode: up to 4 hours night vision: no motion Sensor: no battery Capacity: 450mAh memory utilization: 1.6 GB/1H the Number of frames per second: 30fps Sensor: CMOS wifi: no memory: up to 16 GB Resolution: 1280x720 Frequency: 900/1800 battery Time: up to 14 days Masked: Yes
Device authorization To establish the authorization you need to send to the device a message with content: "SZHM # 15899783246 #".
Photo Send a wire with camera SMS with the content "000" and the bug with the camera takes a picture and saves it to the TF card. After that you will receive the same message that the photo was saved on nakopiteli.
Shooting video Send a message containing "222" GSM wiretap. The bug with the camera will automatically start video recording to the drive. If you decide to cancel your entry, send message "444".
Audio SMS "333" will automatically launch the audio on a flash card. To cancel the entry SMS with the content "444".


flash card

If you need to format your flash card, then send a message "999". Such a memory card - the MicroSD can be purchased.
Audio control Send a message to "777" and you will receive notices about excess noise. When the sound will exceed 50 dB, then your phone will start ringing.
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Tags: 101-24

Active mode : until 4 hours
Battery capacity: 450mAh
Battery life: until 14 days
Disguise: Yes
Frames per second: 30fps
Frequencies: 900/1800MHz
Humidity: 15-85%
Matrix: CMOS
Memory usage: 1.6Gb/1hour
Memory: until 16 Gb
Minimum illumination: 1 Lux
Motion Sensor: No
Night Vision: No
Power: 5V
Purpose: Hidden Camera
Resolution: 1280х720
W-iFi: No
Working temperature: ‘-5 +45
Product Details
Weight 48.00
Dimensions (L x W x H) 55.00 x 45.00 x 14.00

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