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Mini Spy Cameras buy Online

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  • Mini Camera , Hidden Camera andother tools for a super spy you will find in category of Mini Camera , Hidden Camera
  • Country Of Supplier: China
  • Warranty 2 weeks
  • Courier service
  • Excellent quality
  • All products are tested before selling
  • In case of failure the exchange within 24 hours
  • To Order the Power supply with the Camera you can on the phone

The device comes with a remote control. Using the remote you can turn on and off recording, turn on the night vision mode, and also has a motion sensor, which will save memory on the device. When starting the device the blue and red light will blink, it will mean the beginning of work. After stopping the video the light will blink, which would mean to cease and save the record.

To transfer data via memory card while removing it from the device.

Tags: 101-47

Active mode : 12 hours/It is not limited by the outlet
Battery capacity: by the outlet
Battery life: 12 hours/It is not limited by the outlet
Disguise: Yes
Frames per second: 30fps
Humidity: 15-85%
Matrix: CMOS
Memory usage: 1.6Gb/1hour
Memory: until 64 Gb
Minimum illumination: 1 Lux
Motion Sensor: No
Night Vision: No
Power: 220V
Purpose: Hidden Camera
Resolution: 1280х720
W-iFi: No
Working temperature: ‘-5 +45
Product Details
Weight 220.00
Dimensions (L x W x H) 155.00 x 93.00 x 51.00

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