Wi-Fi Mini Camera Md81S

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Wi-Fi Mini Camera Md81S

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·       High quality, small size (5.6x2.1x2.0 cm), easy to carry

·       Alloyed shell

·       Sound control video recording

·       Support USB charging, transmitting

·       Support Web Camera mode

·       High-speed dynamic video, instant response to light environment

·       Online color HD video streaming

·       Motion detection feature

·       24/7recording when charging

·       Can be combined with 3 more cameras for simultaneous preview

It is hard to believe that one feature of WiFi Mini Camera MD81S device casts all the others into a shade. It is as small as a matchbox (its dimensions are 56х21х20 mm). The dimensions of this device extend the area of application. This WiFi Mini Camera MD81S records 720×480 30 FPS color AVI video so you don’t have to look for a fancy video player. It can transmit the video signal as well as save recordings on a Micro SD. You can watch the video from this camera via any device that has Internet access.

Why do I need this?

With the battery that lasts about one hour of constant recording and 9 hours in the “standby” mode, and the angle of view 72° with a CMOS 2 MP censor that requires light at least 1 lx you can capture whatever you want, even if nobody else wants you to. Moreover, you don’t even have to be there, because the Auto Mode enables the WiFi Mini Camera MD81S as soon as it detects any movement around. This little friend will help you to capture whatever shouldn’t be captured, and bring somebody’s lies out into the open. Need to watch your business partners? Your spouse or children? Or maybe a new housemaid or a nanny that doesn’t look reliable enough? You got it.

ATTENTION! We are interested in quality of our products. That is why we test all the items thoroughly before shipping. We provide a two-week guarantee and free replacement in 24 hours in case of failure.



1. Connect the camera to your PC to charge it.

2. As soon as it is fully charged (60-85 min), disconnect it and insert a micro SD.

3. You’re ready to go. You can record video while the camera is charging too.



1. Turn the Mode switch into WiFi(P2P) position.

2. Switch on the camera turning the On/Off switch to the On position.

3. Wait for 20-30 sec. until the MD81S WiFi hotspot appears and connect your device to the network.

4. Launch the related software and watch through the camera, take pictures and record videos. You can also adjust e-mail notifications the way you need them.



1. Open Camera Settings and choose WiFi. Choose Use WiFi and enter login/password

2. Wait 10 seconds and switch off the camera.

3. Turn the Mode switch into WiFi mode and switch on the camera.

4. Wait for 20-30 seconds and connect to your WiFi network.

5. Open the router settings and choose WAN. Choose Register and enter the ID of your camera and the password from the outside of the camera. Click Login.


What you get:

·       2 week warranty

·       Expedited shipping

·       High quality

·       All the products are tested before shipping

·       Replacement in 24 hours in case of failure

Call right now and order WiFi Mini Camera MD81S to get the best price on the market

Tags: 101-45

Active mode : until 2 hours
Battery capacity: 300mAh
Battery life: until 4 days
Disguise: No
Frames per second: 10fps
Humidity: 15-85%
Matrix: CMOS
Memory: until 32 Gb
Minimum illumination: 1 Lux
Motion Sensor: No
Night Vision: No
Power: 5V
Purpose: Mini Camera
Range: 15-20m
Resolution: 1280х720
W-iFi: Yes
Working temperature: ‘-5 +45
Product Details
Weight 20.00g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 56.00cm x 21.00cm x 20.00cm

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