Waterproof Mini Camera

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Waterproof Mini Camera

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It's hard to believe, but any other features of this miniature "spy" overshadows its main highlight is the camera parameters such as the ordinary match box (its dimensions - millimeters 56х21х20). The compactness of this device significantly expands the possibilities of its functioning. The video features a Very small DVR camera md80 usually writes it color video. And while the special of internal memory this device has, with the acquisition of the standing of the drive will have no problems. Usually you need video is recorded in 720×480 and of course with a frequency of 30/s. All the entries are always saved in AVI format. That's why you don't have to look for some unique player with codecs. After all, to see the recorded footage, you can even in simple and well-known media player of Windows operating system. Somewhere on one hour of shooting should be enough battery camera md80 in a mode of continuous video. But believe me, it does not mean that it constantly needs to be recharged. Remember, a charged camera battery will last for about two hundred hours in "standby mode". Experts of the digital industry has provided a unique optional settings to activate the recording mode (manual and automatic). The fact that it is in automatic mode, the account is activated by some signal sound sensor that reacts to noises above a volume of 65 decibels. Exactly seventy-two degrees is the angle of the lens of this mini-Cams.°. The center of the whole optical system – CMOS-matrix, whose size is two mega pixels. Your video quality is satisfactory To required illumination of 1 Lux and above. Remember, any flash card hour video takes up gigabytes of space. And microphone, built in camera, record sound along with video. The other technical details If needed, our little spy can replace a conventional web camera. To do this, connect the nanny Cam to your personal computer or laptop. This can be done using the USB cable installing software-drivers (found on the website of the manufacturer). By the way, all Software for you is absolutely free. Charge the hidden camera is usually a standard supply is 220 volts, and even from the USB port of your PC or from the cigarette lighter. The md80 DVR normally operates at any temperature in the range from -10°C to +60 degrees Celsius. Moreover, in the kit "minipiano" there are a variety of fasteners to simplify its installation. In order to optimize the use of battery power, the camera has the required function automatic shut-off recording. A special sensor sound turns off this unit automatically, if for two is not committed sufficient volume sound. In General, to manage this miniature camera is simple and it is different ergonomics. After all, to understand how all three buttons, unnecessary special knowledge and talent. The details of the connection When connecting to your personal computer OS (operating system) immediately recognizes the DVR md80 as a simple USB flash drive with the files. You just have to copy the videos to hard (rigid) disk and watch them in any player that supports the AVI format. Also just learn to use the camera, simply press the appropriate button, and the device itself md80 will capture everything that you need. Another press of the same button turns off the camera. Recording our spy save automatically to the SD card. To activate recording video with a special sound sensor, switch on the "Mode" button, the same gesture can be on and off this sensor. Before the beginning of the recording, you should make sure that the camera is md80 mini dv memory card. If you use new, just bought device, remember that the battery needs to be fully charged. When you connect your battery to a direct power source, check the led, it will flicker blue. Upon reaching a sufficient state of charge, the flashing will stop When the battery level is high enough, the flickering stops, the indicator will start to glow blue. Continue to charge it until it completely goes out. If this happened, congratulations: battery is charged to 100%, and "minspin" ready for your first job. When you unpack the DVR, but the device itself, you will see the attachment along with the drive software. You only need to install the correct driver and connect the camera to a USB interface. The system recognizes the device as a web camera. And another note to fans of such "spionkop": they are equipped with special function – date and time directly on the recorded video. These settings can be done using some applications, it is easy to find online and for free loading. If you don't trust online applications in setting the time and date, then you can use Notepad and create a file TAG.txt on the memory card (in root directory). In the corresponding file, specify the required time and date, but it should be done only in the format "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS". For example: "2014-03-14 15:07:01". Further, all transformations should be preserved, then turn off the device and switch on again. After these brief changes, you'll get what you want: the current "time and date" on all videos will be automatically applied. Tincture of these parameters is optional because the DVR itself copes with its tasks. This camera is truly unique: its compact size and satisfactory video quality make it indispensable in various fields of activity, and also interesting for ordinary people. Due to its characteristics, it really is indispensable.

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Active mode : until 2 hours
Battery capacity: 700mAh
Battery life: until 4 days
Disguise: No
Frames per second: 30fps
Humidity: 15-85%
Matrix: CMOS
Memory usage: 1.6Gb/1hour
Memory: until 64 Gb
Minimum illumination: 1 Lux
Motion Sensor: No
Night Vision: No
Power: 5V
Purpose: Mini Camera
Resolution: 1280х720
Viewing angle: 72°
W-iFi: No
Working temperature: ‘-5 +45
Product Details
Weight 20.00
Dimensions (L x W x H) 55.00 x 20.00 x 20.00

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