Keychain with Spy Hidden Camera

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Keychain with Spy Hidden Camera

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Perfectly disguised hidden camera keychain gives you the opportunity to always have at hand the means of fixing the events on video. Thanks to small dimensions 5 x 3.2 cm you will always be able to wear this spy gadget in your pocket or the glove compartment of the car.

The scope of the mini keychain camera

Camera key chain will help you in those situations when you need to secretly conduct surveillance of a particular object or person. Starts recording by pressing a single button, so you will never miss a moment to start shooting. In everyday life we are often faced with situations where to prove his innocence only by providing irrefutable evidence. Your rights are violated the employee of traffic police? The official demands a bribe? Suspect a spouse of cheating? I doubt that you hired people regularly perform their duties? Want to know who is ruining your property? With all of these problems can be overcome, if you buy mini camera key chain.

Features and benefits camera keychain

  • The camera can be used as a regular keychain so it will always be with you where ever you are.
  • This small device is controlled by only two buttons – record and enable.
  • Spy camera keychain allows you to shoot good quality video with a resolution of 1280x960 pixels.
  • You can use it as a camera and a single tap on the record button to record pictures with a resolution of 720x480 pixels in JPEG format.
  • Videos and photos stored on a MicroSD card up to 8GB, and you can watch them on a computer by connecting the camera in keychain with USB wire supplied. Advantage of the device is that you don't need to install drivers or software.

Characteristics and working principle


camera keychain

Weight: 37 g Size (l x W x h): 50 mm x 32 mm x 13 mm Active mode: 1.5 hours night vision: no motion Sensor: no Capacity battery: 280mAh memory utilization: 1.6 GB/1H the Number of frames per second: 30fps Sensor: CMOS wifi: no memory: up to 8GB Resolution: 720x480 view Angle: 120° battery: up to 4 days
Turn on the device To activate mini camera , press the button until the led turns solid green.
Photo To take a photo, you need to make a short recording button is pressed. The indicator will flash once.
Shooting video To begin recording video (with sound), hold down the record button for a few seconds. The indicator lamp will blink and go out. While he is off camera to the transmitter, record the video.


recording and


To stop recording, you need to make a short recording button is pressed (as is the case with photo). Indicator when it turns solid green. And finally, turn off disguised keychain camera - hold the button on/off switch up until the light goes out.
ATTENTION! We monitor the quality of all our products, so they are necessarily tested before selling. Provide a guarantee of 2 weeks, in case of failure the exchange within 24 hours.

Camera keychain to purchase , you can now place your order through the shopping cart or by calling listed on our site. With this useful gadget you will always be able to record the necessary information.

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Active mode : until 1.5 hours
Battery capacity: 280mAh
Battery life: until 4 days
Disguise: Yes
Frames per second: 30fps
Humidity: 15-85%
Matrix: CMOS
Memory usage: 1.6Gb/1hour
Memory: until 8 Gb
Minimum illumination: 1 Lux
Motion Sensor: No
Night Vision: No
Power: 3.7V
Purpose: Hidden Camera
Resolution: 720х480
Viewing angle: 120°
W-iFi: No
Working temperature: ‘-5 +45
Product Details
Weight 37.00
Dimensions (L x W x H) 50.00 x 32.00 x 13.00

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