Shipping & Returns

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We are not a try and return company.  We take great pride in what we sell and promise that your product will work or we will replace it.

A lot of people will buy a product, use it for a short while then return it.  We are not a rental company.  You will incur shipping charges and restocking fees of up to 25%.  If you have any doubts as to whether a product is suitable for your situation PLEASE call us and discuss first.  
We stand behind what we sell 100%.  You are guaranteed complete satisfaction.  If it's not right, we'll make it right.  Should you ever have a problem with anything you purchase from rest assured that you are covered.

Please read the following information so there is no question what will happen in the event you need to return a product.

Returning a product that is not working properly
Although we test every product to ensure proper operation before leaving our shipping department sometimes things just happen that cause them to stop working.  Whether it's rough handling during shipping or the product is just having a bad day, we'll take care of it.

Test, re-test, and test it again...
Most equipment malfunctions are not malfunctions at all.  We have found that operator error is to blame in 75% of returns.  What this means is that you will be without the equipment you ordered for as long as it takes to ship to us and back to you.  It also means that you will be paying for shipping charges both ways.  We DO NOT pay for shipping if the equipment is in perfect working order when it reaches our technicians.

Read the directions that came with your equipment.  Check all the connections.  Call us so that we can walk you through the setup process if all else fails.  Our goal is for you to have equipment that works properly.  Nobody benefits and everyone loses when you have to return a product.

You've tested the equipment and called us... still not working.
Don't worry.  Stuff happens.  We'll take care of it until we make it right.  Hopefully you saved all the original packing material.  If not, be sure to package the equipment properly.

Return Merchandise Authorization
IMPORTANT:  You are REQUIRED to obtain a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).
A RMA is simply a number we use to track all returns.  This number must be visible on the outside of your package so that it can be routed accordingly. Send an e-mail to [email protected]
 As a matter of security we do not accept packages without RMA numbers.  Any package that is received without a RMA number WILL BE REJECTED and returned to the sender.  If for some reason a package is accepted and we cannot trace it's origin we will have no choice but to assume it is a threat and use it for target practice.

Getting your equipment to us
You need to get the equipment back to us so that one of our techs can solve the problem.  You have several options.

1) Self Service: You select a carrier.  UPS, FEDEX, US Mail.... Package the equipment so that it is not damaged during transit.  Obtain insurance and a tracking number.  Without a tracking number there is no way to prove that it arrived here.  If it is lost, you bear the burden of replacing the equipment at your own cost.  Include a copy of the shipping receipt with the return and we will credit the amount to your credit card.
    Pros: Avoid shipping delays.  Have working equipment back in your hands faster.

    Cons: You have to physically carry the package to the post office or call for a pickup.  The up front cost of shipping.

What happens when we receive your package
Malfunctioning equipment is something we don't take very lightly.  We strive to have a 0% return rate by testing and re-testing before anything leaves our shop.  The fact that you have had to take the time out of your day to return a non-working product is very troublesome to us.

We make it right.  One of our technicians is assigned to your piece of equipment to ensure proper operation.  If it can't be repaired then we will simply replace it with a new unit at no cost to you. 

24 Hour Turnaround - We aim to have a working piece of equipment back on it's way to you within 24 hours.  Most of the time we can have it back on the UPS truck by 5:00pm the day we receive it.  All returns are shipped via UPS Ground service.  If you require Next Day Air we will simply charge you the difference in cost.

Restocking Fees - This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT

If you receive a product and decide you don't like it for whatever reason you must have it returned to us within 3 Days of when you received it.  It must be marked with a date stamp.  Anything you ship through the postal service, UPS, FedEx, DHL, or any other common carrier will have a date stamp and or tracking number.

You must insure the contents for the replacement value and opt for package tracking.  If the package gets lost, stolen, damaged, swept away in a flood or another natural disaster we cannot be held responsible.  The matter is strictly between you and the carrier.

You must also ensure that the product has not been used. That means that the product cannot be scratched, dented, have greasy fingerprints all over it, or any other type of indication that you received benefit from it.  We must be able to offer the unit for sale to another customer.  It has to be in as good condition as when you received it along with ALL packing material including but not limited to plastic baggies containing parts and bubble wrap.  If you receive benefit from the product then you must pay for it accordingly. 

If the product is not on it's way to us in 3 days we must assume that you have received some type of benefit from it.  We will charge you a 25% restocking fee.  All shipping charges are non-refundable. This is only fair.  After 30 days has elapsed from the time you received the product you own it.  We will not accept it.

We will issue you a 100% store credit for the amount of the returned product as long as it meets the above criteria.  This means that you may receive a product, decide you don't like it, return it, and get something else that suits your needs.  In the past we've had some customers abuse this privilege so multiple returns on multiple items over an extended period of time is solely at our discretion.

Items Not Returnable

Wearable Cameras and Equipment that touch the body: caps, watches, etc...
Countersurveillance Equipment
Software or Software Devices

Other Important Information

Lawsuits and Claims
All lawsuits and claims against must be filed in Houston, Harris County, TX. We will try to come to a positive solution before this step is necessary but you do have the legal right to pursue justice through the courts.