Real Time Spy Mobile Phone Call Tracking Device For Gps Elderly Sos Monitoring racking Device APP Remote Control Listening Monitoring SOS ALARM
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The Tracker has Battery :2000mAhand Battery Life :5 d this time is enough to find out everything you need,you can also increase the working time with an additional battery to several days or months,depending on the size. Tracker has additional very nice features such as audio control, conversation recording, monitoring via its own free appYou can find and download the app on Android or ios via the app Market.
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  • GPS accuracy :
    5-15 m
  • GPS sensitivity :
    -165dBm / 148dBm
  • Battery Life :
    5 d
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Product Description Real time spy mobile phone call tracking device for gps elderly sos monitoring
1. Automatic Handsfree,mobile phone as well as gps tracker,special for the elder
2.High flashlight, Large font, Loud voice, support TF card, Loud speaker of music and radio
3.High-accuracy GPS chip, GPS/LBS intelligent switching to realize accurate position
4.Keelin Tracking Service Platform, Keelin APP Client, SMS query
5.Remotely monitor, SOS alarm and many useful alarms/alerts
6.Call straight line to the elder (can get through even not answering the phone)
7.Built-in pedometer, daily activity of the elder is clearly seen from APP mobile client
Please charge K20 when receive a low battery alarm.
1.Supports quad bands,i.e. 850/900/1800/1900MHz, universal in the world.
2.High-accuracy GPS chip, GPS/LBS intelligent switching to realize accurate position
3.Keelin Tracking Service Platform, Keelin APP Client, SMS query
4.Eler phone, big font, big botton, big speaker, 
5.One key to family , NiceDial
6.One Key SOS, Healthy management
7.High-capacity lithium battery, long standby 
8.A key highlight flashlight, FM FM radio, pedometer
9.GPS time, real-time latitude and longitude coordinates, altitude
10.Locally record GPS track to generate PLT file
11.Support for multiple protocols, OTA upgrade program
1. Track 2. SOS 3. Playback 4. Geo-fence 5. Healthy management 6.Speed Alarm
7. Listen 8. Low Battery Alarm 9. Battery inquire 10. Remote Configuration
Main function
GPS positioning accuracy
5-15m (Depend GPS signal)
GSM positioning accuracy
100-1000 m
(Depending on density of base stations)
GPS Frequency
GSM Frequency
Hot/warm/cold start time
Battery capacity
Dimensions (mm)
Operating temperature
Operating humidity

【Voice activation】 The new voice activation feature allows the device owner to install hardware anywhere and simply forget about its existence until recordings are needed. The device's built-in voice activation feature automatically turns on the device when sound appears around the tracker. If there are no sounds around, the hidden voice recorder will automatically switch to sleep mode, this makes it easier to use the device, leaving it in one place for several weeks without fear of battery drain or lack of disk space.
【Remote audio monitoring】 It is very convenient to listen to what is happening around the tracker , as it is enough to just call the SIM card number, due to the absence of noise and light, it is very convenient to monitor what is happening around the tracker.
【Real-time tracking】 Viewing GEODATA available in real time: log in easily via your smartphone or browser view real-time reports without delay, especially detailed reports about the history of the location of the object, the speed of movement and the route of travel.
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Battery 2000mAh
GPS accuracy 5-15 m
GPS sensitivity -165dBm / 148dBm
Battery Life 5 d
Network 2G
Equipment 1 x GPS-tracker 1 x USB-cable (length 80 cm), 1 x cable 1 x English manual

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