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Wireless WIFI Mini Video Сamera MD81S 4IR LED Remote Control Type WiFi Hidden Camcoder Phone APP Support Сontrol Camera Night Vision Support Viewing angle 80° Video Resolution 1280x720
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Portable HD camera MD81S able to shoot both day and night recording video with a resolution of 1280x720 px. Built-in battery capacity 300 mAh allows it to operate autonomously for up to 2 hours. Smart video camera MD81S can also be permanently installed and to transmit the resulting image over Wi-Fi on the phone. This device works at a temperature of from -5 to +45 humidity 15-85%.

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    【Remote Real-Time Monitoring】Download free App from "Google Play" or "App Store" and connect this Wi-Fi camera wireless hidden camera clock with wifi network, remotely viewing the live video/record video and pictures anywhere anytime. Live video viewing in Tablet or PC is also available. You can see exactly what happened when you were not in your home, office, business, or any need a secret safe place.
  • Bullet Point2:
    【FHD 1080P and Infrared Night Vision Technology】You will have an amazing experience with the 1080p quality video display that this charger spy camera provided. It will help you to capture every detail in the room so you won`t miss out anything. This is what you really deserve for a home security camera
  • Bullet Point3:
    Wireless WIFI Mini Video Сamera MD81S 4IR LED Remote Control Type WiFi Hidden Camcoder Phone APP Support Сontrol Camera Night Vision Support Viewing angle 80° Video Resolution 1280x720
  • Bullet Point4:
    【Smart Motion Detection】This mini spy security camera will take a short video to Micro SD card and take a photo to app once a motion is detected. At the same time, your phone will get a push notification to remind you.
  • Bullet Point5:
    【WIFI MOTION ACTIVATEDEasy to setup. After configure the camera to your home router 2.4 GHz WiFi, set your own password, you can remotely monitoring your house from anywhere on your phone. Multi-user function allows you to share the password with your family member, share or not, it’s up to you.
  • Night Vision:
  • Video Resolution :
  • Remote Control Type :
  • The number of frames per second :
  • Comfort recording distance :
  • Motion Sensor :
  • Matrix :
  • Availability of WiFi :
  • A/C :
  • Memory size :
    up to 32 GB
  • Battery :
  • Viewing angle :
  • MicroSD Support :
  • Battery Life :
    up to 2 hrs
  • Recordability :
  • Charging time :
    9 hrs
  • Equipment :
    1x webcam 1x holder 1x rear clamp 1x Card Reader 1x cable 1x manual 1 x Silica Gel
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Miniature wireless Wi-Fi video camera MD81S combines two undeniable advantages: first, it is compact and comfortable housing from one of the most popular mini camcorders MD80, and, secondly, built-in Wi-Fi module, which provides the ability to remotely view and record photos and videos to mobile devices (iOS or Android) and a personal computer (MAC or Windows). Remote connection to wifi mini camera MD81S is carried out either directly or through the Internet.

To begin, you must install the free app on Your smartphone, tablet or PC, and connect to a Wi-Fi network with the name "MD81S". Now You will be able to view the video stream with a Wi-Fi camera MD81S, and save videos and photos on the mobile phone, has blanchetii computer. Wireless mini video camera features a built-in motion sensor, as well as the ability to send messages to e-mail in case of alarm. In addition, You can configure video recording and photos on the memory card MicroSD up to 64GB, or to a remote FTP server.

Undeniable advantages of mini camcorders MD81S are also its small size (56х21х20 mm) and ultra lightweight (20 grams).


Before to proceed with the work, charge the camcorder battery. For this you need to connect WiFi mini camera MD81S via a USB cable which is supplied, to a USB port on your computer. Also charge the camera from PowerBank or power adapter 220V/5V 1A. This mini camera can operate in the charging mode 24/7. Time Autonomous work from the internal battery to be Kolo for 60 minutes while connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

App (Android, iOS, Windows)

To start using the camcorder, download and install the app on your smartphone, tablet or PC/laptop. Links to download the appropriate applications specified in the instructions which is included in the package mini camera MD81s. Also download necessary software from the site

Types of broadcasts

There are two types of broadcasts:

1) P2P connection directly. In this mode, Wi Fi mini camera generates a wireless Wi-Fi network called "MD81S", connected to which, you receive the possibility to view online videos from the camera, and to record the stream and take photos. The distance between the miniature camera and the device can reach 5-10 meters.Wi Fi camera

2) AP connection "via the Internet". In this mode, you must configure a wireless connection wi-fi Mini camera MD81S to the router connected to the Internet.

After that, you can view the stream on a computer or smartphone from anywhere in the world via the Internet.MD81S

Stream DIRECTLY (P2P without Internet access)

All the adjustments without a memory card (after connecting and configuring cameras may insert the card).

Connected the camera to the network or a portable battery. (If the camera is loaded then simply include it. Recommend all the settings when connected to a power source.)

Wait 20-30 sec. for the emergence of a network "MD81S" in the wireless networks list and connect to it, password: 12345678.

Go to the program to view the live stream, choose LAN and click on the stream. The stream can be viewed in full screen mode. If desired, you can connect up to 4 cameras MD81S for simultaneous viewing of video from all cameras.

At the bottom of the screen are buttons for "photos" and "video", clicking on which it is possible to capture pictures and record broadcast. In addition, there is a setting motion sensor, E-mail alerts when a sensor is activated, brightness/contrast and much more.

Stream "over the INTERNET" (IP video streaming via a WiFi connection)

Select the P2P mode and turn the camera on, after the network connect to it (password: 12345678)

Go into the app in a LAN environment, go to the settings of the camera. Select "Wi-Fi" and click "Use wifi". In the opened window you should enter the name of Your wireless network and password. Click "Ok" and wait 10 seconds. Turn off the mini camera by moving the Power switch to the OFF position if plugged in, unplug it. Slide the Mode switch to AP. Turn on mini camera by moving the Power switch to the ON position.

Wait 20-30 seconds and connect to Your wireless network. Go to the app on Your device to view the broadcast. Select the WAN section and click the "Register" button. In the window that appears you must enter the camera ID and password from the back of Your wi-fi mini camera, as well as Your E-mail.After this step, enter the camera ID and the password which was specified during registration, then click "Login".


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