Voice Recorder Bug USB Flash

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Voice Recorder Bug USB Flash

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In everyday life many of us encounter situations in which you may need to commit a large amount of audio information. This task will help you to handle the recorder in the form of a stick, which you can always carry in your pocket and in addition to use as storage for your files.

Scope of flash audio recorder

This useful gadget has a variety of applications in various fields. The people in the business, the recorder in the form of a stick will help to keep the required information in a large volume, not being afraid to miss something important. In addition, you will receive a digital drive for storing your files. Voice recorder flash drive allows you to keep an audio diary. Thus, it is possible to build a workflow in advance and think through all the steps. Creative people, such a recorder will help you quickly fix interesting thought or idea, so that later you can return to its development. Thanks to small dimensions, mini voice recorder USB flash drive can be used as an effective weapon against competitors and those people who violate your rights or threatens you or your property. High-quality recording of the conversation will help to punish the perpetrators, acting as evidence in court. Students will certainly appreciate the opportunity not to write a huge synopsis, and save the lecture or seminar into a single audio file.

Features and benefits mini voice recorder flash drive

  • Miniature in size (64mm x 20mm x 8mm) this gadget allows you to always carry it with you in your pocket or bag.
  • Easy to operate – the USB voice recorder is controlled by only one button.
  • Gives you the ability to clearly hear speech at a distance of 7 metres
  • Charging the recorder from a computer via USB port, time of active work 12 hours. In standby mode – 4 days. Recording is possible even when the device is on charge.
  • Sound recording in WAV format can be easily reproduced on a computer or laptop.
  • Memory usb voice recorder – 4 GB. If this 1GB is memory which equals to 37.5 hours of recording the conversation.

Features and operation USB drive voice recorder

Characteristics__ device Weight: 12 g Dimensions (l x W x h): 64 mm x 20 mm x 8 mm Active mode: up to 12 hours wireless Range: 7m motion Sensor: no battery Capacity: 150mAh memory Usage: 1GB/37.5 hours memory capacity: up to 64 GB Power supply: 3.7 V the battery life: up to 4 days Masked: Yes
On and off 1. To enable recording, you must press the lever which is responsible for starting the operation of the device. Mini recorder is charged from USB computer port or other device USB port. 2. To turn off the device you must press the power button.
Entry A simple touch of a button makes the device ready for recording.
Connecting to a computer Charging the device and data are transferred when connecting to USB port. Feature of the recorder in the form of a stick is the lack of cables and the need to install special software.
ATTENTION! We monitor the quality of all our products, so they are necessarily tested before selling. Provide a guarantee of 2 weeks, in case of failure the exchange within 24 hours.

Buy a flash card recorder you can now place your order through the shopping cart or by calling listed on our site. With this useful gadget you will be able to quickly capture useful information and your interesting thoughts and ideas.

The bottom of the page you can see customer reviews who purchased the recorder in the form of the stick in our online store.

Active mode : until 12 hours
Battery capacity: 150mAh
Battery life: until 4 days
Disguise: Yes
Humidity: 15-85%
Memory usage: 1Gb/37,5hour
Memory: until 64 Gb
Motion Sensor: No
Power: 3.7V
Range: 7m
Working temperature: ‘-5 +45
Product Details
Weight 12.00g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 64.00cm x 20.00cm x 8.00cm

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