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Magnetic Earpiece
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Magnetic earpiece is managermemory measuring only 2x3 mm. This allows you to talk quietly taking the signal on your cell, and passing through the induction loop antenna. Eats spy earpiece from ordinary batteries Krona, which is connected to the connector on the amplifier. Feature of this device is its ultra-sensitive microphone.

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The benefits of "helper" - his diminutive size (2x3 mm), affordable price, wireless headset. Magnetic earpiece has a highly sensitive microphone that can detect even the smallest whisper. Communication with the device is established via mobile phone, so the distance in the fixture does not matter. Neck worn inductive aerial, which will also remain invisible to others. It takes the signal coming from the mobile phone and transmits it to the earpiece. Included with the device includes a magnet to extract the earpiece from the ear, antenna, and headset.

Earpiece 2 mm - today is the smallest among all the earpieces, fits in the ear and is completely invisible to others.

The earpiece rests directly on the eardrum. Due to the impact of electromagnetic waves during signal transfer, we do not recommend prolonged use of this kit.

To work with the device you will need a battery chart. It must be connected to the system via the plug. The other side of the system you need to insert into the phone or playing device with a 3.5 mm connector. Put the noose around his neck, and micro earpiece placed deep in the ear, to the eardrum. When you turn on any recording on the phone, waves are generated by the loop will act on the magnet in the ear and transmit sound.

Comfort recording distance 0m
A/C 9V
Battery Crown battery
Battery Life up to 4 hrs

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