C6XL Portable jammer cell phone and mobile Internet
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Portable signal jammer with built-in high capacity battery 4000 mAh able to block GSM 900/1800, 3G, 4G1, 4G2 frequency and Wi-Fi within a radius of 15 meters and for 2 h can Also be used for fixed installation indoors or car. Portable jammers mobile networks and Wi-Fi is powered from the mains 100/240 V, and also car cigarette lighter 12 V, 3A.

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  • A/C :
    Mains: AC: 100/240 V power from the cigarette lighter cars: DC: 12V, 3A
  • Battery :
  • Output power :
    4 W
  • Signal Blocking Radius :
    up to 15 meters
  • Battery Life :
    up to 2 hrs
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Six-lane portable jammer frequency 4G LTE with locking feature 2G and 3G, Wi-Fi - Scorpio 6XL 4G LTE. A jammer has a good outgoing power suppression is 4 watts. Together with six antenna shows excellent performance among competing devices. For the cooling device has a built-in ventilator cooling system of holes on the housing for heat dissipation. Shielding range reaches up to 15 meters. This jammer 4G easily fits in a jacket pocket or in the briefcase, completely blocking all known types of frequencies for mobile communications. GSM/4G jammer, cell phone jammers 4G Scorpio 6XL 4G LTE works like a frequency generator white noise(interference). Its direct purpose is to turn off mobile phones, listening to various radiotochki that work on frequencies of GSM 900/1800 MHz, 3G 2100 MHz and the new network of the latest generation LTE. The efficiency of the 4G jammer depends on the range of the base station of the cellular operator. So the radius square of the suppression of the carrier may range from 1 meter to 15 meters. How to block 4G? In recent years, Russia began to actively develop the network of the fourth generation 4G. Strong impetus for such development have become the new devices of Apple that support 4G LTE (The New iPad and iPhone 5). The first company that launched in the domestic market of the LTE network, was Scarlet under the brand name Yota. The company MegaFon has announced that it started production of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 running on domestic frequencies of 4G LTE. All of these devices to transfer data use 4G WiMAX frequencies 2500-2700 MHz. These frequencies are used for YOTA, MegaFon and other mobile operators offering 4G services. The constant growth of the popularity of 4G networks in Russia contributed to the appearance on the Russian market a new jammer 4G LTE and 4G WiMAX networks - Scorpio 6XL 4G LTE. Also this lock suppresses the standard 2G and 3G networks. Buying the eagle, You get the ability to block all known frequencies of mobile communications and mobile Internet Yota, as well as Wi-Fi networks.

Target audience;

The main objective of jammer 4G Scorpio 6XL 4G LTE is the prevention of information leakage by means of cell phones, different GSM-3G wiretaps, wireless video cameras and microphones. The second important moment in which the use of this device indispensable is the creation of a work environment in conference rooms, for business meetings, negotiations and meetings. You don't have to constantly be distracted by constant calls to mobile phones. The suppressor 4G LTE find wide application in various social institutions where the use of phones are not recommended or are prohibited, such as schools, UNIVERSITIES, churches, theaters, etc.


1. Portable use
2. Suppression of 4G networks
3. Car charger
4. Effective internal cooling
5. Built-in battery
6. Six ranges of suppression

Charge the device and turn it on with the button.

A/C Mains: AC: 100/240 V power from the cigarette lighter cars: DC: 12V, 3A
Battery 4000mAh
Output power 4 W
Signal Blocking Radius up to 15 meters
Battery Life up to 2 hrs
Charging time 5 hrs
Suppressed Systems GSM900/3G/GSM1800/Wi-Fi/4G
Equipment 1x Suppressor 1x Car charger 1x AC charging 220 6x Antenna 1x Manual

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