101U Barracuda Underwater fishing camera record video to the card
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Underwater fishing camera has a cable length of 15 meters and has a of usability thanks to the standard mount on any pole and protect the display from external mechanical damage. Able to record video to a micro flash drive, allowing you to save the best moments of bite. Camera menu adapted to Russian-speaking fisherman, to take advantage of its capabilities regardless of age and skills of the user. The privacy screen makes the camera for fishermen easy to transport and reduces the risk of damaging the display. Included two versions of the bracket underwater camera: with top and side review to monitor the bait.

Underwater camera for fishing "Barracuda 3.5" is a handy and an indispensable tool to facilitate the process of catching fish. This model differs from other underwater cameras in that it has a totally updated design and a range of innovative features. The ability to store videos on the memory card will allow You, at any time to view the video from the last fishing trip, to show and discuss the video with friends or upload videos to the Internet for all to see! LCD monitor with a diagonal of 3.5 inches, provide view bright and vivid images. Underwater camera captures video with a resolution of 640 x 480 has three IR LEDs that allow shooting in total darkness (infrared lighting, not scare the fish, because it is absolutely invisible for them). Now, even in very murky water or under very thick ice cover – You will be able to see everything that happens under water and on the bottom of the pond. With underwater camera for ice fishing "Barracuda 3.5", there is an advantage over fishermen using conventional tackle. The housing of the display unit is made from high quality materials, has a pleasant, tactile, properties and equipped with a special cover, for greater ease of use. To figure out the underwater camera for fishing "Barracuda 3.5" is very simple, because all of the buttons feature pictures of the functions for which they are responsible, and instruction in the Russian language – will provide additional assistance in the development of a new device!

Also, the monitor of the display unit can be customized to suit Your personal requirements. You can set the level of brightness, saturation and contrast of the image, set the desired language or to return to factory settings.

Children get a huge amount of positive emotions when participating in fishing with underwater camera "Barracuda 3.5". Their very interest the whole process of fishing, they see fishing as the most realistic online game. Many parents purchase an underwater camera for both summer and winter fishing "Barracuda 3.5", in order to introduce their children to fishing and to help kids learn about fish species, their behaviour and the whole underwater world in General!

The big catch, the effect of "presence" - full control over the process of catching fish, the sea of positive emotions – all this and much more, You will receive if You have an underwater camera for both summer and winter fishing "Barracuda 3.5"!

Especially for our customers, the company "TELTOS" has prepared a pleasant gift in the box of every underwater camera "Barracuda 3.5" – namely, a cute gift float and a special cord for wearing or mounting the display unit!

The purpose of the video fishing rod: ;
1. Ensures minimal loss of bait.
2. Increases the chance of successful bite.
3. The effect of full immersion in the atmosphere of the fishing, the effect of the "presence" and control over the process of catching fish.
4. Gives a significant advantage to the fishermen use ordinary rods.
5. Attracts children's attention, video rods for educational purposes - studying of the underwater world, the behavior of fish.
6. Measure the depth of the pond.
7. Analyzing each bite with subsequent correction of skills
8. The ability to create a digital collection of their most successful trophies in the form of videos.

Precautions ;

The specialists of "Teltos", it is strongly recommended to read this section before beginning of operation of the device, in order to avoid possible malfunctions, optimize performance and prolong the service life of the device.

1. The device should be kept in proper form. Keep water, sand and other small particles inside the display unit. Sand, water, salt components, etc., can harm the stable operation of the display and the display unit as a whole.

2. Keep the unit away from dust and chemicals. Always store the device in cool, well-ventilated and clean room. Do not expose the appliance to high temperatures, high humidity, as this can harm the health of the display unit.

3. If the device is not used for long time, you must finish it work by turning off the display unit or disconnecting the camera cable.

4. Before each inclusion, you need to install the plug of the cable into the slot, which is located on the side panel of the display unit.

5. Before first use, you must charge the battery (8 hours). Do not expose the display unit to mechanical stress: in the form of parse display unit for the repair or improvement.

Connect the USB cable to the USB port of Your computer to charge it from your PC. For charging from 220V – connect the USB cable to the adapter, which comes bundled with the device. About the charging process, You will alert indicator light which is red in color. To fully charge the display unit requires about 8-9 hours. Enable device To enable the device, move the switch from position "OFF"(Off) in "ON"position(On). The camera image is instantly displayed on the display screen of the unit (assuming that the camera cable was connected to the body of the display unit).

Display settings ;

Language selection: Press "M" when the device to bring up a menu on the display. Now, click the "+" or " - " to select the desired language.

Brightness setting: Press "M" twice when the device to bring up a menu on the display. Now, click the "+" or "-" to adjust the brightness of the display. Adjustment range from 0 to 12. The display will be set to the highest brightness at the higher value.

Setting the contrast level: Press "M" three times with the device turned on to cause the menu on display. Now, click the "+" or " - " to adjust the contrast level of the display. The adjustment range is from 0 to 12. The contrast level will increase in accordance with higher value.

Saturation adjustment: Press "M" four times with the device turned on to display the menu on the display. Now, click the "+" or " - " to adjust the saturation of the display. Adjustment range from 0 to 12. The display will be installed at a higher level of saturation at the higher value.

Reset settings: Press "M" five times with the device turned on to cause the menu on display. Now, press " + " to confirm restoring the factory settings. The display settings will be reset to the default settings.

Modes of operation ;

"Video" Mode. Connect the camera to a display unit and then turn it on. Click "Video" to start recording. To stop recording, click "Video". To zoom in or zoom out – click the "+" or "-" note: Videos and photos will be saved, only in the case when the device is installed, the MicroSD card (the Device is compatible with memory cards with capacity from 4 GB to 32 GB). If the memory card is not inserted, the screen will display the words "NO CARD"

Mode "Photo". Connect the camera to a display unit and then turn it on. Click "Photo" button to take a photo.

Mode Play. Turn on the unit, press the Play button and You will see all the pictures or videos that are recorded on the memory card. Click the "+" or " - " to switch to next\previous image or video Playback in the "Playback". Select the video file and then click the "Play" button to playback the file, if You want to stop playback, press the Play button once again. Connecting to a computer Display unit, can be connected directly to the PC using the USB cable that comes bundled with the device. The device will be defined by the computer as "Removable disk" and using the Windows file Manager, You will be able to browse and download photos or videos. Note: the Device is compatible with Windows 2000 and later versions of the Windows operating system.

Night Vision Support
Video Resolution 640x480
Video format AVI
Recording Volume 5 m²
Matrix CMOS
A/C 3,7 В
Display diagonal 3.5"
Memory size up to 32 GB
Battery 3000mAh
Viewing angle 130 °
MicroSD Support yes
Battery Life 7 hrs
Recordability yes
Charging time 3 hrs
Operating system Windows 2000
Equipment The display unit 1x LCD 3.5 inch 1x underwater camera and a sealed cable length of 15 meters 1x 1x USB cable bracket for a display unit 1x 1x adapter 220 volts Gift float from the company & laquo;. Teltos & raquo; 1x Gift lace to wear OSD unit 1x Set for fixing the angle of the camera 1 x Manual in Russian

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