Drone Jammers

A safe sky is important

Unfortunately, the constant growth of technical support for citizens has, not only and not always, some pleasant sides. Some of our compatriots, who are not law-abiding, try to get access to information that does not belong to them. Everything goes in here, eavesdropping, peeping, stealing information from mobile phones and computers devices. A normal person who wants to keep important data intact for him, it becomes necessary to buy a jammer for drones that counteracts unauthorized entry.

Protection from drones

Recently, all kinds of remotely piloted aircraft – drones, quadrocopters-have become quite widespread. These devices can view and listen to a fairly extensive territory from a height, transmitting information to their owner. To counteract them, they have created signal suppressors for drones and quadrocopters.

How a drone jammer works

Devices that jam the signals received and transmitted by drones operate at the same frequencies as their wards. This helps them not only to muffle the signal, but also in some cases makes it possible to disable the remote control of the drone. That is, you will be able to plant or disable the tracking device. All the suppressors offered by our store work in the signal range of 2.4-5.8 Ghz, which allows you to cover all possible options for communicating a drone with an attacker.

Question price

Have you already decided to strengthen the security of your own, your business, and your loved ones? Then you should buy a jammer for drones, the price in Moscow is low, namely in our store – one of the most democratic. The cost of a device of any complexity is quite affordable for any of our compatriots, and will not be able to hit you hard on your pocket.

Having made such a purchase, having purchased a signal suppressor for drones and quadrocopters, you are guaranteed to be able to prevent the loss of important information, or simply make it impossible to spy on you, your loved ones, or colleagues.

If you want to buy a high-quality jammer for Drones and quadrocopters, you need to look first of all at the characteristics, which are currently very much, we will help you choose the best device that you can use both at home and in the open area.

How to choose a good jammer for Drones and quadrocopters?

Among the many jammers that are currently present on the market, there is a certain type of jammers that can operate over a very long distance, and for certain radio frequencies, just such frequencies are used to control and jam the signal coming to the quadcopter. If you specialize only in these jammers, then you need to understand that the more expensive the jammer is, the better and the greater the distance in the radius of which this jammer will be able to suppress the signal of the quadcopter.

In our store you can buy silencers for Drones that will operate at a very long distance.

TX-E6 High Power CDMA GSM DCS WIFI 4G Signal Jammer

TX-E6 High Power CDMA GSM DCS WIFI 4G Signal Jammer

Jammer Desktop jammer TX-E6 can suppress mobile networks, the Internet, as well as satellite signals GPS and GLONASS on the territory of more than 50 square meters. The device is convenient for installation in meeting rooms, school classes and university classrooms. Due to its small size, the TX-E6 Multi-Frequency Jammer is easy to transport.

Model:TX-E6 (16W)
TX-H16K Powerful Fixed Silencer CDMA GSM DCS 3G WIFI UHF VHF PHS LOJACK GPS Frequency

TX-H16K Powerful Fixed Silencer CDMA GSM DCS 3G WIFI UHF VHF PHS LOJACK GPS Frequency

TX-H16K Stationary 16-Antenna Frequency Suppressor is designed for round-the-clock active use and dampens signals in a radius of 5 to 20 meters. The device is very powerful and capable of suppressing CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G, UHF, VHF, PHS, LoJack and GPSL1 / L2 signals. Thanks to such wide jamming capabilities, the powerful TX-H16K jammer is ideal for use in various government agencies.

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