Do you want to know the truth about spy bugs?

Nobody is surprised to see the video cameras in public places or in the workplace. Installation of CCTV is perceived quite normal: it is a condition for creating a safe environment for the organization.

An important audio information will help get the bug. Microscopic device may also transmit information. The following methods used for this purpose:

· Broadcast;

· Closed channel;

· Gsm bond;

· cellular.

This "transmitter" operates as a battery or from the mains.

Why use a listening device?

Secret information in the modern world - an invaluable and popular goods. People are easy to part with large sums of money, if you are determined to get it. Telephone wiretapping with unlimited resource efficiency is in offline mode. The information you need - is a guaranteed success!

Effective listening device lets you quickly gather the required information. This is its main purpose.

Many people have a hard transgress through itself and its moral principles they believe that they can not use gsm bug for information, as this is illegal and humiliating. However, anyone who remembers his empowerment, if we will focus on the health and lives of loved ones.

Overcoming stereotypes allow to be confident in the honesty and sincerity of the relationship with family members or business partners. Sometimes the only way to achieve justice and bring a good name.

Surge protector with wiretapping in the office - the ability to always be up to date. If the manager wants to prevent the leakage of a secret project to competitors, then he should just dismiss his fellow traitors. In this case the end justifies the means. Surround yourself with a team of dedicated professionals - the most effective means to manage the company. To live without suspicion and doubt will help the business owner to the flash card recorder. Then you can not be afraid of meanness on the part of those people who enjoyed the confidence.

What is the bug?

If the external device may be different, they are similar in their internal structure:

1. The body acts as a masking element. Bug may have a different layout design. Select the purchase can be based on their personal preferences.

2. Gsm module betrays data and encrypts the information.

3. The antenna can receive and transmit signals.

4. Sensitive microphone allows you to receive high-quality information. Wiretapping is not possible, if this item will be damaged.

5. The battery device provides autonomous operation for a certain period of time.

Valuable advice

Universal listening device, made in classic style, is a small rectangle. This design removes any suspicion of him.

· Eavesdrop keychain can be presented to employees.

· Bug - Computer mouse - charged from your computer.

· If the surge protector installed a listening device, then it will help to gather the necessary information in the office and at home.

· The ideal might be a spy, and a flash card. Need a gift enjoyed by all.

· Calculator, where there is a bug, will help control the financial side of the business.

The choice is really great! Only you can decide how to use listening device. Trusted aides - are witnesses of all the events taking place in your surroundings.

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