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Cx990 Spy Tracker Receiver Listening Device Wireless HD Voice Transmission Mp3 Play Surveillance Device Portable Tiny
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Radiojack with recording function through the data transmission frequency bands of the AM/FM has a striking range of work component of 1000 m. Due to the battery's capacity is 300 mAh and you will be able to leave her even for 5 days, for which the wiretap recording can store up to 64 GB of information spending only 1 GB of 37.5 h. the Device has a built-in motion sensor, so will only record the necessary information.
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  • Comfort recording distance :
    up to 15m
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  • Memory size :
    up to 64 GB
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  • Low power, low cost, high quality, high reliability

  • Small, covert, easy to use

  • Up to 48 hours of standby time

  • Built-in high quality microphone for audio surveillance

  • Distance range to 1000 m

  • Support extra audio listening

  • Wireless audio monitoring, intelligent recording monitor

  • Pickup 100 sq.m

  • Doesn’t interfere with other devices

  • Can operate while charging


Spy Bug Receiver Transmitter is a modern powerful multifunctional spy device that will transmit signals to 1000 m and record high-quality audio. This Recording Receiver looks like an ordinary MP3 player, so no one will ever suspect you in eavesdropping. It can not be jammed and does not interfere with other devices, ensuring high-quality audio recoding. This Spy Bug Receiver Transmitter is compact, covert, and powerful. It operates 48 hours in standby mode and works while charging that makes it serve your need forever.


Why do I need this?

Data leaks and industrial espionage are the worst enemies of a successful enterprise. This little Spy Bug receiver Transmitter will protect you and your company from snitches and spies. This device is modern and powerful, durable and reliable. It works longer than other devices of this kind and has a wide range of functions. Besides protecting your business from spies, it will increase productivity of your company’s staff preventing your employees from irrationally spending their labor hours. Spy Bug Receiver Transmitter has a supersensitive built-in microphone and can transmit signal to the distance of 500-1500 meters. Its frequency range depends on the battery charge. A good manager always wants to know, what his subordinates think of him and his work. This Recording Receiver Transmitter will give you a chance to stay checked and plan your staff management according to the information gathered.


ATTENTION! We are interested in quality of our products. That is why we test all the items thoroughly before shipping. We provide a two-week guarantee and free replacement in 24 hours in case of failure.



1. Make sure that the device is fully charged.

2. The set consists of a transmitter and a receiver.

3. The transmitter has On/Off button and charging connector

4. The receiver has On/Off button, Play/Pause button for starting/pausing recording, charging connector, and memory card slot.



1 x Transmitter

1 x Receiver

1 x Earphones

1 x USB cable

1 x User manual


What you get:

  • 2 week warranty

  • Expedited shipping

  • High quality

  • All the products are tested before shipping

  • Replacement in 24 hours in case of failure

  • Call right now and order Spy Bug Recording Receiver Transmitter to get the best price on the market.

Comfort recording distance up to 15m
Motion Sensor Support
A/C 5V
Memory size up to 64 GB
Battery 300mAh
Control range 1000 m
Humidity 15-85%
Battery Life 5 days
Recordability yes
Memory usage 1GB/37.5 h

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