With voice activation

A voice recorder that responds to sound is a spy voice recorder and, above all, this function helps to significantly facilitate the lives of those people who need it. For example, if you need to record what is happening in the room without you, or record a conversation that you should not hear, you can easily use a voice recorder that has these functions and record audio. Some recorders have a special cut-off or it is also called the minimum level of noise at which the recorder is activated and Starts to record for example you want to record audio only when the discussion starts if the room has some other activity such as a door slams or there are any other noises in such cases, the voice recorder to record audio, but exposing the minimum audio error, you will be able to adjust to when to start the conversation, it was recorded. They are all extraneous noises that can significantly damage this process.

USB Voice Recorder Sound Activated

USB Voice Recorder Sound Activated

The recorder in the form of a stick has a 4GB memory and can be used as mobile memory for storing various information. The device has a sensor which, in response to the audio may automatically start recording. Thanks to this clever USB flash drive voice recorder can be used as bug, recording everything that happens around. The amount of memory is about 60 MB/1 hour, because 4 GB is enough for a long time.

Motion Sensor :Support
Battery :245mAh
Battery Life :up to 100 hrs
426-D USB voice recorder with sound sensor
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426-D USB voice recorder with sound sensor

【Universal voice recorder】 The digital device can be used anywhere, as the mini voice recorder will accompany you to lectures, negotiations, meetings, simple conversations, and wherever you may need it. You can even use the device in your office computer or car. You can use the system in automatic mode, since installation and loading are simple.
Battery Life :up to 15 hrs
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