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This category presents models of voice recorders that will perfectly fit into the office interior, voice recorders for the office are a special type of device that resembles ordinary office supplies, such as pens, for example, or according to their design features they are quite small, you can imperceptibly use them in the office by bringing them with you put them in your jacket pocket in your pocket by hooking on a bunch of keys, while turning on this voice recorder in the office will not be difficult

8GB Digital Audio Voice Recorder Pen
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8GB Digital Audio Voice Recorder Pen

Pen recorder with MP3 player has an inbuilt memory of 8 GB that allows you to record up to 150 hours of talk time. When fully charged battery the device is able to record up to 6 hours of audio in WMA format. This spy pen has a 3.5 Jack plug that allows the headphones to listen to recorded with the recorder or in the form of MP3 files information. Built-in battery allows you to work smart handle up to 4 days.

Motion Sensor :Support
Battery :180mAh
Battery Life :up to 4 d
USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder
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USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder

Voice recorder-flash 4 GB pamyatyu provides a record clear sound within a radius of 10 meters. It can work not only being connected to the USB port but also independently of the battery at 150 mAh, which is enough for 15 hours of recording. Thanks to these features, the flash drive voice recorder can be used as a bug - just leave it connected to the computer or Desk and record what is happening around.

Battery :150mAh
Battery Life :up to 15 hrs
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