With a video camera

In this category there is a voice recorder with a built-in camera for recording video. Absolutely all the functions of a standard voice recorder are present in these devices, in addition, they also have video cameras. If you need to record a video on a voice recorder in addition to the usual conversation, you can record it with a single keystroke, while the opponent will not suspect that video is being recorded, since the camera does not give any signals during recording, the audio recording can be carried out both separately with the camera and together.

Professional dictaphone with camera Full HD 1080p

Professional dictaphone with camera Full HD 1080p

Pen mini camera GeeView T189 shoots video in FullHD, and it can also shoot high quality photos with a resolution of 4032x3024 px. As the storage device uses a MicroSD card. Information is stored in formats AVI and JPG, because it can be read on most other devices. Smart pen GeeView T189 has a battery 850 mAh allows you to work offline from 5.5 to 8 hours.

Battery :850mAh
Battery Life :8 hrs
443D Professional Camera Voice Recorder
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443D Professional Camera Voice Recorder

【Ease to use】 This digital mini voice recorder is universal, so it will excellent help in conversations with lawyers, lawyers, business partners. The device can be easily installed anywhere: a computer, car, or even a printer. The easy-to-download, easy-to-install system allows you to use it automatically.
Battery :400mAh
Battery Life :7 hrs
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