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102U Underwater fishing camera video record viewing angle 140 video recording
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    5 m²
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This underwater fishing camera monitor 4.3 inches and two cameras. One can be used under water up to 20 meters, and the second is mounted in the monitor and removes the reaction of the fisherman or the floater. The video can be saved to a removable media in the form of a micro-SD card. This is its main distinguishing features from the model "piranha 3.5". New features allow you to repeatedly review and analyze every moment of the bite, thereby correcting and adjusting skills. You can create a digital collection of their most successful trophies in the form of videos.

The purpose of the video fishing rod:

1. Ensures minimal loss of bait.
2. Increases the chance of successful bite.
3. The effect of full immersion in the atmosphere of the fishing, the effect of the "presence" and control over the process of catching fish.
4. Gives a significant advantage to the fishermen use ordinary rods.
5. Attracts children's attention, video rods for educational purposes - studying of the underwater world, the behavior of fish.
6. Measure the depth of the pond.
7. Analyzing each bite with subsequent correction of skills
8. The ability to create a digital collection of their most successful trophies in the form of videos.

Underwater camera for fishing piranha
Cable length underwater camera increased to 20 meters! This will allow fishing in deep waters. The camera has infrared illumination that won't attract attention of the fish and not scare her. With such lighting will not have any problems with having the image at large depth or in the night time. The camera can be used in two positions: top view of the bait and side view on the horizon.

Front camera (!)

For the first time on videotochka system was implemented video recording using two cameras. The second camera is located directly on the monitor. The camera can be set on the vertical axis or horizontal. What does it do? In addition to an underwater camera You will have the opportunity to shoot a video of your actions or behavior of the float during the bite. This will help to analyze various situations and to improve fishing skills. The ability to switch between different types of images from the cameras to the monitor: only with an underwater camera, only front facing, at the same time with two cameras.

Recording function (!)

In this set videoochki provides another unique feature. The function of recording video files on the micro SD card. Except for the transfer of data from the two cameras has the ability to save video in file. You can create your own video collection of best bites and trophies. Will be able to work on the bugs, improving your fishing skills. To study the behavior of fish. The video can be recorded with sound.


Monitor and configure it (!)

Monitor display videotochka has a diagonal of 4.3 inches, which is much more than competing sets in this price range. The presence of a protective visor will protect from possible mechanical damage of the display, and with its help solve the problem of deterioration of the image due to glare from direct sunlight. Monitor menu is in Russian language. This means that videojockey can be used by anyone regardless of technical skills.

Ways of fastening of the monitor

The kit comes with universal bracket for fixing the monitor to different diameters of the handles of fishing rods. The bracket has a rotating mechanism for setting the comfortable angles of the display. The monitor will be comfortably located right on the handle rods before the eyes of the fisherman. To the basic kit our company supplies precast peg made of aluminium. It is intended for the second method of mounting the monitor using a universal bracket. Simply clip the monitor on the peg, hammer it into the ground in any place convenient for You. Two ways of mounting make this videotochka comfortable in various conditions of its use.

Batteries and charging

The kit comes with two rechargeable battery at 2200 mAh each and a charger for them, they are mounted on the rear panel of the monitor videoochki. Time of continuous operation videoochki such elements power up to 5 hours. The time of their charging up to three hours. Removable batteries extend the lifetime videoochki, because they are simple enough to replace, what not to do with built-in battery.


Carrying case

As a gift to our clients for ease of use videoochki piranha 4.3 we give the special hard case. The case will protect the monitor from povrezhdenii during transport, and will reduce the risk of loss of components. Everything in its place and under lock and key.

Νυχτερινή Όραση Support
Ανάλυση Βίντεο 1280x720
Μορφή βίντεο AVI
Λειτουργία Εγγραφής Βρόχου 2 min
Όγκος Εγγραφής 5 m²
Ο αριθμός των καρέ ανά δευτερόλεπτο 30 fps
Matrix CMOS
A/C 3,7V
Διαγώνιος επίδειξης 4.3"
Μέγεθος μνήμης up to 32 GB
Μπαταρία 4400mAh
Γωνία 140 ° / 120 °
Υποστήριξη MicroSD yes
μπαταρία 7 hrs
Δυνατότητα εγγραφής yes
Χρόνος φόρτισης 3 hrs
Εξοπλισμός 1hTsvetnoy LCD monitor 4.3 inches 1x Dual Cameras: Front; underwater 1x Charger 1hMulti-1hRazbornaya bracket stand for mounting the screen assembly 1x Waterproof to 20 meters cable 1hInstruktsiya in Russian

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