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Κρυφό ηχείο κάμερας WIFI Full HD
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Φορητή μίνι κάμερα με επαναγορά από το Matrix: CMOS εξαιρετική απόδοση για μια φορητή κάμερα. Τέλεια ταυτόχρονα Διάρκεια ζωής μπαταρίας: 1 ημέρα .Γωνία εξέτασης: 100 ° δεν θα σας απογοητεύσει σε σύγκριση με παρόμοιες κάμερες. Η κάμερα διαθέτει κύκλο εγγραφής. Έτσι δεν θα χάσετε τίποτα αν η μνήμη σας είναι γεμάτη
【Ποιοτικός έλεγχος】 ελέγχουμε κάθε κάμερα για να αυξήσουμε τη θετική απάντηση. Θα πρέπει επίσης να δώσετε προσοχή σε αυτές τις παραμέτρους της κάμερας:
Νυχτερινή Όραση: Δεν Υποστηρίζει

In stock

【Remotely View Live Video via Android/IOS App】The mini camera spy wireless can be connected to cell phone ( Android or IOS ). When there is no network, you can insert a T-Flash card (not including) into the nanny cam, power it on, the covert camera automatically starts recording video to T-Flash card. We attach great importance to the customer experience, If there is any problem in our spy camera, Please tell us firstly.
【1080P HD VISUALS - 1080P HD】This hidden camera is a portable device and records 1080P Full HD video with wide angles. Monitoring your baby, pets, bad nannies, caregivers or thieves in real-time on your phone no matter where you are. Perfect for keeping an eye on your home and office.
【Smart motion detection & two way storage:】Once the motion detection activated, it will automatically send alerts to your phone’s APP, without miss any exciting moment. You can insert a Micro SD card(Maximum 32GB, not included) for pictures alert. With this practical function, you will never miss any important moment, it also helps you to record uninvited guest's action as a proof for further use if there is any accident. It’s your freedom to view or delete the files.
【Wi-Fi Streaming via iOS / Android Upgraded APP & Personal Password】The camera supports iOS, Andorid smartphones and Microsoft Window’s PC. You just need to install exclusive software on these mobile devices and register for a personal account. You can monitor the situation at home anytime, anywhere.Portable mini camera with repurchase from Matrix :CMOS excellent performance for a portable camera. Perfect at the same time Battery Life :1 day .Viewing angle :100 ° it will not disappoint you compared to similar cameras. The camera has a recording cycle. So you won't miss anything if your memory is full
【Quality control】 We check each camera to increase the positive response. You should also pay attention to these camera parameters:
Night Vision:Not Support

Night Vision:Not Support
Battery Life :1 day
Matrix :CMOS
Viewing angle :100 °
Surveillance Camera:Surveillance Camera
Night Vision:Night Vision
Indoor Only:Indoor Only
30 W:30 W
105 dB:105 dB
9 m:9 m
5 V:5 V
Color Day, B&W Night:Color Day, B&W Night
0.25 kg:0.25 kg
16:9 16:9
Unbranded Unbranded
Black Black
Color Day, B&W Night Color Day, B&W Night
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
China China
No No
Night Vision Night Vision
0.25 kg 0.25 kg
Camera Camera
Indoor Only Indoor Only
None None
1920x1200 1920x1200
SmartCam SmartCam
1 1
1 1
1 1
9 m 9 m
105 dB 105 dB
30 W 30 W
Battery Μπαταρία
1ms 1ms
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
80GB 80GB
IP/Network IP/Network
Surveillance Camera Surveillance Camera
5 V 5 V
2020 2020
Νυχτερινή Όραση Not Support
Matrix CMOS
Γωνία 100 °
μπαταρία 1 day

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