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530-30 New Model In 2018 ! Camera underwater fishing Barracuda 4.3
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Light in the dark

This video rod equipped with four LEDs. You will also be able to observe the underwater world at night time, since IR led illuminator activates with the onset of night time. For your favorite Hobbies this fishing rod is essential.

Shooting day
Shooting at night with IR illumination


Νυχτερινή Όραση Support
Μορφή φωτογραφίας JPEG
Ανάλυση Βίντεο 640x480
Μορφή βίντεο AVI
Matrix CMOS
A/C 220 volt
Μέγεθος μνήμης up to 32 GB
Μπαταρία 4000mAh
Γωνία 70 °
Υποστήριξη MicroSD yes
μπαταρία 8 hrs
Εξοπλισμός Block screen diagonal 4.3 inches - 1 piece 1 piece U camera- 30-meter cable-waterproof 1 piece adapter 220 Volt 1 pc USB-cable-piece bracket 1 and kit for installation- 1 piece 1 piece Gift poplavok- Gift strap for wearing on-screen bloka- 1 pc Instructions - 1 pc

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