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103U piranha Underwater fishing camera record video to the card
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  • Όγκος Εγγραφής:
    5 m²
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    3,7 В
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Fishing camera 3.5 piranha, equipped with a color display of 3.5 inches. With the bracket, monitor underwater camera is very easy to install on the fishing rod. Video cable rods has a length of 15 meters, which is a huge plus compared to competitive models of underwater cameras with a smaller cable length is 15 meters. Cable wound on the spool like a conventional reel with a fishing line.

Live bait will allow You to forget about those days when I had to sit long hours in places where they're not biting. In turbid water or under a thick layer of ice, You can see the fish presence or absence. Fishing camera is equipped with backlight of the eight IR LEDs for improved visibility (even in the dark) and improve the quality of the image displayed on the monitor screen.

Thanks to the underwater camera for fishing, you can determine the size of the fish and understand what the fish is before You. Fishing now will be even more fun, as compared to fishermen who use a normal rod, You will bring much more catch and get a lot more positive emotions and satisfaction from fishing. No longer need to sit for hours and nervous, waiting for the bite. You just need to lower the pole with the camera in the water and everything that happens under water will be available to Your eyes.

Cable video camera fishing rod has a length of 15 meters, equipped with special steel vein, through which it is able to withstand loads up to 30 kg.

The display unit underwater camera is equipped with a button that puts the camera in "Sleep mode". This mode is useful mainly in winter, with frequent transition from one hole to the next, and in order to save battery. When you need to work monitor, You again press the button "Sleep mode" and the image appears almost instantly, with no warm-up display.

Value video fishing rod:

1. Reduces chance of loss of bait.
2. Increase the chance of successful bite.
3. The effect of presence and complete control over the process of fishing.
4. Advantage over other fishermen with ordinary fishing rods.
5. Attracts children. The study of the behavior of fish.
6. Determination of the depth

Νυχτερινή Όραση Support
Όγκος Εγγραφής 5 m²
Matrix CMOS
A/C 3,7 В
Διαγώνιος επίδειξης 3.5"
Μπαταρία 150mAh
Γωνία 125 °
Υποστήριξη MicroSD no
μπαταρία 7 hrs
Δυνατότητα εγγραφής no
Χρόνος φόρτισης 3 hrs
Εξοπλισμός 1x Camera. 1x LCD 3,5 & quot ;. 1x charger. 1x Float. 1x display holder. 1x clamping ring. 1x central ring. 1x User Manual.

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