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201-02 Exam Hidden Earpiece
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Specifications: device:

- speaker power is 115 DB;

- operating temperature up to 40 °C;

- color – beige;

- when low battery occurs the audio signal;

one battery allows you to

The earpiece cannot be seen in the ear, at the same time to retrieve it back it is a snap – just pulling a thin fishing line attached to it.

The earpiece is a small capsule of Nude, working on the reception of a radio signal of a certain frequency. The earpiece connects to phone or radio through a Bluetooth headset or wired headset HandsFree. The main purpose of the micro earpiece security invisible to others a contact. Since the earpiece has no wires and is located completely in the ear, it is not visible to others.

Wireless earpiece Nude and is located completely in the ear canal, so it is absolutely not visible to others. The earphone connects to phone or radio wirelessly using a headset type Bluetooth or HandsFree. The earpiece is designed for discreet conversations with the person.

Designed to receive signal from mobile phone, radio or music player. The earpiece is a capsule, Nude with size of about 1 cm.

To operate the device, you'll need to connect it to a phone Bluetooth. He headphones have a cable in the form of a loop receiver with Bluetooth. The loop you need to wear on the neck, and the earphone is put in ear. Following the launch of the audio on the phone, you will hear the recording playback in the earphone via Bluetooth connection.

μπαταρία up to 4 hrs

No questions.

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