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101F, camera traps hunting camera security Falcon with MMS function
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    2592x1944 / 3264x2448 / 4000x3000
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Thanks to its camouflage coloring, this digital camera is ideal for home security or warehouse, and for observing wild animals. The camera is easy to mount or be fixed, it can be used for manual photography and shooting a long video. Built-in GSM module enables real-time to pictures taken by the camera.


a. Surveillance camera for home, work, construction sites, warehouse, etc.;

b. Observation at night with the IR led with the function of trigger movement;

c. Animal watching and hunting, the use of Jaeger farms.

Camera trap Falcon can shoot in total darkness up to 20 meters with lights of the 40 infrared (940nM). The work of these emitters hidden to human eyes (including animals) and not attract attention. To further disguise the device has a protective forest color.

The principle of operation of any camera traps is the ability to produce videophotoshop motion, recorded using special cameras sensors in range in front of her. Using a thin camera settings you can clearly adjust the camera for any needs. A function for sending photos on the phone makes it versatile stand-alone video surveillance system with the ability to inform by method of MMS messages.

This camera will be useful for protection of house, garage, country houses, apiaries, forestry, reserve. Its capabilities are also appreciated by lovers of nature to obtain unique photographs of wild nature.
The uniqueness of the camera lies in the possibility of remote control via sms commands, which have no forest series cameras Falcon and owl.
Camera menu in Russian language, perhaps, is an additional plus. The specialists of our company could not pass this functional, compact and works like a clock camera traps.

MMS settings:



GPRS Setting

Server Setting


APN: mms
Account: mms
Password: mms

MMSC: http://mmsc:8002/
Port: 8080




GPRS Setting

Server Setting


Account: beeline
Password: beeline

MMSC: http://mms/
Port: 8080




GPRS Setting

Server Setting


Account: mts
Password: mts

MMSC: http://mmsc
Port: 8080

You only need to enter the text that we have markerville green. Also don't forget to enter and save the phone number to send pictures

Setting SMS command:
By default, a camera trap in the operating mode does not include a GSM module. This means that it is not associated with the base station of the cellular operator. It is easy to check - just call the number SIM card installed in the camera. The subscriber is not available. In this mode, the camera will not accept SMS commands!
In order to prepare the camera to accept an SMS-command should:
1. Go to the main menu of the camera (the button with the letter M)
2. Choose the string "SMS control"
3. Select the second line "GPRS module", click OK
With this memento of Your camera will be able to accept SMS commands. After installing camera traps in the correct location, call the number SIM card installed in the device. If the beeps are gone, everything was done correctly.
Then you can enter the commands described in the manual
For example. Send to the camera number command: 12*# (command send current photo)
In response, camera traps will send you a notification: MMS commads executed sucessfully! (command completed successfully). In the next minute you get a current photo with camera traps.

Viewing Videos/Photos

In the Test Mode without pressing button “Menu”: press the arrow button “↑” to enter playback mode; press “←” and “→” to select, “Confirm” to view the photos/videos.

1) To return again press “↑”.

2) Press the “Menu” button to enter the Delete mode of files or formatting of the SD card.


a. Delete one: delete selected photo/video;

b. Delete all.

Press “↑” and “↓” to select, “Confirm” to confirm, “Menu” to return to the previous menu.

Formatting the SD card

a. No

b. Yes: to format SD card using the camera.

Press “↑” and “↓” for selection, “OK” to confirm, “Menu” to return to the previous menu.

Auto power off

The camera will automatically switch to the automatic shooting mode, if the keyboard is not used within 60 seconds.

The settings menu

In test mode, press “Menu” to open the settings menu; the settings Selection is made using buttons“←”, “↑”, “→”, or “↓”, press “OK” to select and “Menu” to return to the previous menu.

Search the GPRS signal

Before using the GPRS function fully (MMS/SMTP/FTP), it is necessary to test the functionality of the GPRS module.

a. Turn on GPRS, then click OK, appears GPRS settings ... as shown below

b. Load the camera's battery (close to GPRS module); then wait for about 40 seconds – if the camera starts to blink the led, then search the GPRS signal is completed.

Note: After you complete the search signal, the camera automatically within minutes will switch to “Power On”. As soon as you see the led flashing, then open the device.

Attach the battery pack (which is a GPRS module included) to the main device; then wait for about 40 seconds, if the camera starts to blink the led, then search the GPRS signal is completed.

a. Opening the device, remove the batteries; then on the screen you will see a signal strength indicator, see picture below.

Note: if the camera is missing the SIM card, the screen will show NO SIM .

b. If you do not see the signal strength indicator , then check the contacts between the GPRS module and batteries.

c. Check rabotosposobnosti MMS, SMTP, and FTP only after the appearance on the screen of the signal strength indicator.

Νυχτερινή Όραση Support
Ανάλυση Φωτογραφιών 2592x1944 / 3264x2448 / 4000x3000
Ανάλυση Βίντεο 1280x1080
Λειτουργία Εγγραφής Βρόχου yes
Line input AV output
Απόσταση εγγραφής άνεσης 12 - 15m
Email photo yes
Αισθητήρας Κίνησης Support
Matrix CMOS
Διαγώνιος επίδειξης 2,5"
Έλεγχος εκφόρτισης μπαταρίας yes
Μέγεθος μνήμης up to 32 GB
Μπαταρία 2000mAh
Γωνία 90 °
Λειτουργία MMS yes
Υποστήριξη MicroSD yes
μπαταρία 4-6 months
Λειτουργικό σύστημα Windows 98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP
Εξοπλισμός Camera traps 1x 1x 1x USB-cable A / V cable 1x Antenna 1x Belt

No questions.

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