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krism Detector for hidden camera and frequencies
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    2 AA batteries
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    from 10 cm to 20 m
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    Detector - 1 piece Instructions - 1 pc
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The working principle is based on the reverse effect of a highlight. Even the smallest lens that can be disguised or hidden, has a lens which when you hover over it a particular light flux will be reflected in the form of glare. Luminous flux is created by using special emitters located on the front of the detector and reflected from the lens hidden camera specular highlights captured in the eyepiece of the detector. To prevent capture, the glare from other objects having properties of reflection in the eyepiece of the finder built into the filter eliminating do not need radiation.

The main advantage of the detector of the camera lies in its small size and therefore portability. It can be constantly with You on business trips, when visiting saunas, hotels and other similar establishments.
Detector hidden camera is able to detect all the currently available (CMOS, CCD and PINHOLE) lenses that are within its scope. The range of detection of hidden cameras is up to 20 meters!

Detects hidden cameras, but a variety of spy devices that emit a radio signal. Detector VD-10 is able to detect spyware device operating in the radio frequency range from 100 to 3000 MHz. At these frequencies work almost all of the hidden microphones, mobile phones, included in "COP" mode, and other listening devices both digital and analog type. The detector detects radiation at a distance up to 10 meters. The detection range depends on the power of "bug"

Do not disassemble the detector and a charger, the device does not require maintenance.
Do not expose the unit to severe shocks and vibrations.
Avoid spilling liquid on the device and the charger.
Do not leave the device in range of direct sunlight.
Attention! The site confirm that Kris M has no negative effect on the work of other technical means: consumer electronic equipment (television, video, audio, etc.), computers, office equipment and safe for human health

Matrix CMOS
A/C 2 AA batteries
Σειρά ελέγχου from 10 cm to 20 m
Εξοπλισμός Detector - 1 piece Instructions - 1 pc

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