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Μαγνητικός ιχνηλάτης ΠΣΤ αυτοκινήτων με την καταγραφή 3400mAh
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Ο ιχνηλάτης έχει μπαταρία 3400mahκαι διάρκεια ζωής της μπαταρίας 5 d αυτή τη φορά είναι αρκετή για να μάθετε όλα όσα χρειάζεστε,μπορείτε επίσης να αυξήσετε το χρόνο εργασίας με μια πρόσθετη μπαταρία σε αρκετές ημέρες ή μήνες,ανάλογα με το μέγεθος. Tracker έχει επιπλέον πολύ ωραία χαρακτηριστικά, όπως Έλεγχος ήχου, Εγγραφή συνομιλίας, παρακολούθηση μέσω της δικής του δωρεάν εφαρμογήςμπορείτε να βρείτε και να κατεβάσετε την εφαρμογή σε Android ή ios μέσω της αγοράς εφαρμογών.
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  • Ακρίβεια GPS:
    5-15 m
  • Ευαισθησία GPS:
    -165dBm / 148dBm
  • μπαταρία:
    5 d
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Spy mini tracking device, which are smaller lighter, will only always keep track of where it is a machine. In addition, you can use it to remotely listen what happens in the cabin. Battery battery-high capacity (3400 mandh), so the normal operation of the listening device it provides up to six months.

The principle of operation of lighter-tracker simple – it passes through the GPS geolocation car. In addition, the GSM signal, Yes, he is running our phones, when you call transmits all the sounds from the car. The signal is transmitted at frequencies from 900 to 1600 megahertz.

The microphone, which is located on one of the sides of the device allows in real time to listen to what is happening around the tracker, and he is equipped with powerful magnet, thanks to which can be attached at any

【Voice activation】 The advantage of voice activation is the ability to install the device anywhere and just forget about it. The appearance of any sound around the tracker will activate the device, which will allow you to get a voice recording at exactly the right time. If there are no sounds around, the hidden voice recorder will automatically switch to sleep mode, to save battery life and disk space
【Audio surveillance】 This device allows you to hear voices around the tracker using a normal call to a SIM card number, the complete absence of light and noise signals allows the owner to track the situation around the tracker.
【Remote listening】Dial the SIM card number, then you can hears voice around this tracker there will be no noise or light from the device, so you can find out about everything around the tracker without giving yourself away.
【Strong magnet】 Installed magnets allow you to attach the device to any place: behind the monitor, near the refrigerator, in the car seat, which will allow you to covertly conduct surveillance.The Tracker has Battery 3400mAhand Battery Life 5 d this time is enough to find out everything you need,you can also increase the working time with an additional battery to several days or months,depending on the size. Tracker has additional very nice features such as audio control, conversation recording, monitoring via its own free appYou can find and download the app on Android or ios via the app Market.
Network 2G
GPS sensitivity -165dBm / 148dBm
GPS accuracy 5-15 m
Battery 3400mAh
Battery Life 5 d
Μπαταρία 3400mAh
Ακρίβεια GPS 5-15 m
Ευαισθησία GPS -165dBm / 148dBm
μπαταρία 5 d
Network 2G

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