Gsm Tracker Xexun Tk-102 2 (battery life up to 48 hours.)

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Gsm Tracker Xexun Tk-102 2 (battery life up to 48 hours.)

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Presents a compact device TK102-2 with built-in GPS / GSM will allow you to easily track the location of a vehicle or person. The modern model is very simple and easy to use. It supports the work with any mobile operator with access to the Internet. Communicating with the satellite, the device receives location coordinates. Based on existing networks of GPS Satellite and GSM / GPRS tracker can track via GPRS to any site. You can use the device for completely different purposes: the protection of children, personnel management, covert surveillance, and so on. If you want to know the coordinates of a particular object, call from your mobile to the tracker and a few seconds will receive a response to phone with the right information. Then enter the coordinates on the website in the search bar and get the exact location of the object. You can also listen to what is happening around the desired object. Send a message to "monitor", the device will send in response "monitor ok". Then call the tracker and listen to what is happening around. Modern device has many functions. For example, you can ask the device a specific zone, follow the speed of the object, receive messages about low battery and so on.

Function tracker Xexun TK102-2:

1. Tracking
Tracking the location of object on the map. The main function of the tracker. You need to call from your mobile phone to the tracker and within a few seconds the tracker will send you SMS with the coordinates of the object. Then you make the coordinates on the website website has the most detailed maps) in the search box and the site gives you the location of the object. Go to the website as you can with the computer or with Your mobile phone when it is connected to the Internet. Also there is a special free service where you can go online to see all the movement of the object and related statistics(time, speed, stops). This feature is very convenient for owners of transport companies, taxi companies, bus fleets. You have the ability to track the correct operation of Your employees.

2. Monitoring
The opportunity to listen to what is happening around the object. Send SMS to the tracker, "monitor" , the tracker will send SMS "monitor ok" then call on him and You will hear what is happening around the object.

3. Geo-area
With the help of this function you can set the tracker on a specific area such as the yard where the child walks, the coordinates You first have a look at then send the coordinates of the four corners of the zone tracker, and as soon as the object crosses a predetermined area, You receive alarm SMS and the coordinates of the object.

4. Exceeding the speed limit
Send SMS to tracker "speed 100". This means that as soon as the object will exceed the speed of 100 km/h You will receive an alarm SMS with real speed and coordinates of the object. The speed value can be set to any. This way You can control how fast the object moves.

5. The beginning of the movement
Send SMS to tracker "speed 000". If you will go round begins to move, i.e. if its speed will cease to be zero-You will receive an alarm SMS which will indicate the speed and coordinates of the object.

6. The SOS button
The tracker is equipped with an SOS button, if you hold it for 5 seconds to 5 authorized phone numbers will come an alarm SMS with coordinates of the object. This feature will help the owner of the tracker at the time of the robbery, assault or other emergency situation when there isn't enough time to get the phone and call friends and ask for help. You can authorize 5 phone numbers to the tracker and when you press the SOS button on all of these numbers will receive SMS when pressing the SOS button.

7. The message about low battery.
If the battery level drops below 20 percent, the tracker will inform You on their own.

Technical characteristics of the tracker Xexun TK102-2:


64 mm x 46 mm x 17 mm


50 g




850/900/1800/1900Mhz or 900/1800/1900Mhz

GPS chip

SIRF3 chip

GSM / GPRS module


GPS sensitivity


the accuracy of GPS


Time to install

Cold status 45 seconds
Warm status 35сек
Hot status 1sec

Car charger

12-24V input
5V output


110-220V input
5V output


Rechargeable smenn

Configure the server GPS monitoring GPShome

Personal GPS tracker Xexun TK-102 TK-102 2 managed by SMS commands and calls to the tracker.

In the SMS commands for GPS tracker Xexun TK-102 TK-102 2 a password must be specified. The default (factory) password is: password.....123456. The password is reset to the factory along with all the other tracker settings.

On the SIM card of the GPS tracker should be opened SMS . Some SIM cards on corporate tariff plans do not allow you to send SMS messages, and some do not accept them at all. On some SIM cards the message can only be sent via a special SMS gateway of the operator (sending from a regular phone is locked). Be sure to check your SIM card from your operator or service provider that provided your SIM card

SMS commands to connect to the monitor server GPShome

To configure the tracker Xexun TK-102, do the following:

Send an SMS command to reset to factory:


Where 123456 is the default password.

Make a call to the tracker.

After two rings, the tracker will disconnect the call and send the caller an SMS with the coordinates (if the tracker can not identify the location, SMS messages will not)

Send the SMS command to configure the monitoring server

adminip123456 20100

Where: is the IP address of the server GPShome

20100 - port number

If necessary, adjust the remaining parameters SMS commands:

Enable GPRS mode:

gprsmode123456 0

Configuring GPRS (the APN of the mobile operator):


Where - the access point name (APN) operator Kyivstar

In the new version of the tracker user name and password are usually installed with a single command: admin123456 mts mts

The time period can be set to send reports every 30 seconds:


Where 030 is the interval between reports, in seconds.

Setting the time zone of the tracker:

time zone123456 0
Where 0 is the time zone UTC +0.
Attention! The time zone should always be UTC +0, no matter what time zone the tracker works really.

For new versions of the tracker report interval set by a command of the form: fix030s***n123456

Battery capacity: 860mAh
Frequencies: 900/1800MHz
Humidity: 15-85%
Power: 5V
Range: In mobile network coverage
Working temperature: ‘-20 +50
Product Details
Weight 300.00
Dimensions (L x W x H) 64.00 x 46.00 x 17.00

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