BWGT12G Satellite jammers Black Wolf GT-12G
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Muffler Black Wolf GT-12G is designed to preserve the secrecy of your location-track via GPS and GLONASS L1, L2, L3, L4, L5. Thanks to its integrated battery to 1800 mAh, the device can operate autonomously for 2 hours. GPS jammer Black Wolf GT-12G works within a radius of 15 m, which is more than enough for privacy, since GPS is accurate to 5 m.

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  • A/C :
    12 V, 220 V
  • Battery :
  • Output power :
    2 W
  • Signal Blocking Radius :
    5-15 meters
  • Battery Life :
    up to 2 hrs
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This bollard satellite communications can simultaneously jam the satellite signal in five different ranges of GPS/GLONASS:
L1 – carrier signal, L2 is a support range, L3 – a military range, L4 – band to study the ionosphere, L5 – new accessories range.

Target audience:;

The basic task blocker portable satellite Black Wolf GT-12G is blocking the satellite signal in different frequency bands. It is necessary for those people who want to protect themselves from possible surveillance with the help of different GPS/GLONASS bookmarks (trackers) and systems of satellite monitoring. During operation, the device tracked the object loses contact with the satellites, thus becomes for them not visible. Also during operation, this device blocks the function of car navigation.

Advantages: ;

-Mobility device. The suppressor will easily fit in a bag or briefcase, and it can be worn on the belt.
-Work on internal battery up to 90 min. Built-in battery and small size of the suppressor you can use it as a portable.
-A choice band suppression with the help of the dipswitches on the device.
-Large range of up to 15 meters.
- Charging in the car. The possibility of using on-Board vehicle power through the lighter socket during operation of the device.
- The presence of the ventilation holes in the device for continuous operation.


1. Portable use
2. Convenient carrying case
3. Car charger
4. The ability to separately disable channels suppress
5. Built-in battery
6. Built-in cooling fan
7. The suppression of all known frequencies of satellite monitoring.

Suppressor Black Wolf GT-12G simple and easy to operate. The device works on the principle of interference in the frequency range: L1: 1500-1615 MHz ; L2/L3: 1200-1230 MHz; L4: 1250-1280 MHz; L5: 1170-1180 MHz

For the organization of work of the device is necessary before use charge the battery, connect the power supply (or 220V or from car cigarette lighter), connect the antenna, select the desired frequency band suppression and enable the device.

A/C 12 V, 220 V
Battery 1800mAh
Output power 2 W
Signal Blocking Radius 5-15 meters
Battery Life up to 2 hrs
Charging time 4 hrs
Equipment 1x blocker telefonaBlack Wolf GT-12G adapter 1x 1x 220 V 12 V car charger antenna 4x 1x power cable 1x 1x Case Packing

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