BWGT12D Muffler trekerov and Internet GSM 3G Black Wolf GT-12D
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Signal jammer GT Black Wolf-12D has a small footprint and built-in battery capacity 1800 mAh, predstavlyayushie device 2 hours autonomy. The radius of the blocking signal can reach 20 meters, because of the confidential negotiations and their location will be protected from unauthorized access. Compact silencer GT-12D Black Wolf is able to suppress frequency GPS, GSM, and 3G.

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  • A/C :
    12 V
  • Battery :
  • Output power :
    2 W
  • Signal Blocking Radius :
    5-20 meters
  • Battery Life :
    up to 2 hrs
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GSM jammers, blocker cellular Black Wolf GT-12D frequency jammer, which makes not possible the work of mobile phones and radio bugs running at frequencies of GSM 900, 3G GSM1800. Also blocks the GPS devices. (navigators, GPS trackers, etc.)

Target audience;
Blocker Black Wolf GT-12D will be an indispensable tool during the negotiations, business meetings and conferences. Will allow You to forget about irrelevant, endless calls of mobile phones. Prevent the leakage of confidential information by means of analog wireless devices, mobile phones, GSM bugs. Combines high performance and portability. Compact size enables to carry it in a pocket. Designed to block cellular communication to protect against unwanted calls and information leakage, which represents the commercial and personal value. Often used in hospitals, Universities, offices, etc. In the device additionally use the antenna that is jamming satellite communications GPS - this will allow you to remain unnoticed for tracking devices. The battery life from the internal battery to one and a half hours on a single charge.

Lock has a wide range of suppressed frequencies:;

- GSM 900, GSM 1800, 3G. These bands are intended for use of cellular communication. Accordingly, the lock by generating 'white noise' stops operation of the devices operating in these ranges and makes it impossible to send SMS, MMS and makes it impossible to perform the receiving a call.

- GPS 1500. This range is responsible for the suppression of satellite Susi(navigation). Blocks the such GPS devices that determine location using satellites: the trackers tracking transport, navigation devices, unauthorized tracking.

- Wi-Fi. The device partly blocks the Wi-Fi network when enabled, all four switches of the frequency bands on the body of the lock.

- Forced cooling. The lock has a built-in cooling fan that prevents the device from overheating.

- Work in offline mode. The lock has a built-in battery that can be recharged from 220 volts and car charger. Battery capacity is designed for effective work in 30-90 minutes.

- Convenient leather case. The kit comes with a special leather case that allows you to carry the device over the shoulder or belt. The cover has the necessary openings for cooling the blocker.


1. Portable use
2. Convenient carrying case
3. Car charger
4. The ability to separately disable channels suppress
5. Built-in battery

Lock mobile and satellite communication Black Wolf GT-12D jamming the frequencies used by GSM, GPS and 3G. Before working with the device, you must charge it using the network adapter 220 V or car charger. To select the frequency bands you want to block, by means of switches on the body of the lock. After switching on the device in radius of its action is not available mobile communications, working with the base station of the cellular operator, satellite communication and analog device for audio-video signal.

A/C 12 V
Battery 1800mAh
Output power 2 W
Signal Blocking Radius 5-20 meters
Battery Life up to 2 hrs
Suppressed Systems 3G/GSM900/GSM1800/GPS
Equipment 1x blocker telefonaBlack Wolf GT-12D adapter 1x 1x 220 V 12 V car charger antenna 4x 1x power cable 1x 1x Case Packing

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