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SG57012mHD a camera trap hunting camera HD shooting range 22 meter detector
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  • Résolution des Photos:
    4032 × 3024
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    AV output
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Camera traps ScoutGuard SG570-12mHD called forest, as developed for the organization of environmental activities. However, the ability to obtain high-quality video and photo reports about what is happening at any time of the day, significantly broadened the scope of the camera traps. Today its gain and to protect private and public property, and for hunting, and for personal purposes.

The principle of camera traps for hunting, ScoutGuard SG570-12mHD. Durable case with camouflage print is set to the alleged shooting with a special strap. And the rain, the dust does not prevent the device to perform its functions at the appropriate level.
Motion sensor adjusts the inclusion of traps. The camera is in standby mode, consuming the minimum energy, while the detector does not detect within 22 m of physical activity. When a living object sensor gives the command to activate the camera. To avoid unnecessary inclusions, it is possible to configure the sensor by installing 1 of 3 levels of sensitivity. The camera shoots photos and videos (including simultaneously) and saves to a memory card, nakaplivaetsya up to 32 GB of information. The photo shows you the information about shot time, temperature and moon phase, as well as the name of the device.


Important advantage of photo-traps ScoutGuard SG570-12mHD is the presence of powerful led light. Its range is 22 meters. Thus, even at night or in low light conditions you guaranteed informative photos and videos.

Another advantage of this model is the automatic transition between Day and Night. Once the light level becomes low, the backlight is automatically activated, and shooting in black and white format.

Durable case

Another advantage ScoutGuard SG570-12mHD is a robust, weatherproof casing that is not afraid of even complex environments. You can leave the device in the open air, wind, dust, precipitation - all this will not be an obstacle for the efficient operation of camera traps. Similarly, the model is protected from falls or blows as the case is durable and impact resistance.

Remote remote

An important advantage of ScoutGuard SG570-12mHD from other models is the availability of external remote control, which not only allows you to quickly make settings or control the operation of the model, but also thanks to the LCD screen helps with viewing the results - captured photos and videos.

Other advantages ScoutGuard SG570-12mHD:

1) own display settings, viewing the resulting photos and videos;

2) convenient remote remote to control forest camera;

3) powered by 4 AA-batteries, the charge which would be enough to run more than 4 thousand photos;

4) support memory cards up to 32 GB;

5) camouflage colors, compact dimensions and relatively light weight;

6) demand interface for connecting models to the modern technology;

7) the democratic value ScoutGuard SG570-12mHD.

Vision Nocturne Support
Résolution des Photos 4032 × 3024
Résolution Vidéo 1280x720
Line input AV output
Capteur de Mouvement Support
Matrix CMOS
Diagonale d'affichage 2,5"
Contrôle de décharge de la batterie yes
Taille de la mémoire up to 32 GB
Batterie 2000 mAh
Angle de vision 60 °
Prise en Charge microSD yes
Équipement 1x Camera; 1x Remote Control; 1x USB cable; 1x Cable; 1x User Manual.

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