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8GB One-button Recording Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder for Cell Phones Mobile phone DVR188
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  • Taille de la mémoire:
    up to 64 GB
  • Batterie:
    400 mAh
  • Plage de contrôle:
    10 m
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There are moments when forced to have to wait for something, in traffic, in training, etc. At this time you can think and comprehend things. The flow of thoughts need to save for future use. To release the overloaded brain you can use the recorder Bluetooth. Lofty goals, and strategic objectives must be recorded on a digital carrier, so that nothing is missed and the right to use in future.

To fix the thoughts and efficient control over all processes, managers use the recorder Bluetooth. The flow of information must be stored in a memory, with nothing to forget and not to miss. In moments of complete loading information flow want to cover all the processes, but without a voice recorder Bluetooth is not possible. The need for the Secretary or the assistant disappears by itself. Professional assistant in the form of the device of the Bluetooth voice recorder is always at hand, ready for action.

The creative personality is very peculiar, the inspiration is not constant concept. When it comes, you need to be able to let go and save all the information entered the brain. The ability to save information in the highlights of the visit of the Muse is very important for leaders of the mind. Only with the help of bluetooth voice recorder it is possible to do.

High quality recording of information in the bluetooth voice recorder allows it to be used in seminars and lectures. Excellent fixation of distant conversations using the voice recorder Bluetooth. Easy operation and ergonomics are very important in the process of rapid recording and saving information. Fixing of the thoughts and tasks that come to mind, and the ability of instant recording is possible with the help of the recorder Bluetooth.

Simplicity, ease of use, large feature set and the ability to write to drive is an important aspect in the work of the recorder Bluetooth. A set of functions and possibilities allow you to use the device at your discretion without spending, the funds for additional equipment. Compact, stylish design, non-appearance, makes the bluetooth voice recorder, a necessary attribute of style and efficient operation.

The ability to instantly activate the device by voice is a very useful and effective. Sometimes information can be a proof or a refutation, and must necessarily keep secret. This is possible by using the recorder Bluetooth. The spoken word must be able to hold, and efficiently applied in the right direction. There is the possibility of recording a conversation with the telephone line in an automatic mode, without requiring compulsory attendance.

The ability to record conversation with mobile phone is a big plus.

How is the recording of the conversation

The device communicates via Bluetooth with your iPhone or any other phone. You connect to the device any headset

click on the record button and dial abonenta.

If you need to make a recording of the conversation a landline phone, you are using the adapter connect the gadget to your telephone line. Also, the gadget can be connected discreetly, so no one would know that the conversations are recorded

To record from other media, the gadget has an input mini-Jack.

Capteur de Mouvement no
A/C 5V
Taille de la mémoire up to 64 GB
Batterie 400 mAh
Plage de contrôle 10 m
Humidité 15-85%
autonomie 4 days
Utilisation de la mémoire 1GB/37.5 h

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