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FM Audio Surveillance Transmitter
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We don’t want to tell you stories like “transmitter has a range of 200 or even 500 meters” – REAL range for this type of appliances is max.100 meters in an open area or several floors in a building (about 25m in densely built-up area).
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    up to 300m
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    On batteries
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●    Brand new and high quality

●    Covert, easy to adjust and use

●    Ultra tiny and compact (3/8 x 7/8 inch)

●    FCC verified

●    Ultra-sensitive microphone

●    Battery can operate up to 110 hours

●    Records 1280x1080 30 fps AVI video

●    Reference distance up to 100 m

●    Wireless monitoring


You have no idea how tiny this Mini Radio Bug is.At the size of a tiny matchbox and with ultra-sensitive microphone this wonderful device record transmit high-quality audio up to 110 hours at the distance of 100 meters. Quite affordable and easy to use this Mini Radio Bug can become your best friend and helper. No one will ever see it because it is so tiny and covert. You can hide it wherever you want: in small holes, between books, under the table, and even inside somebody’s clothes!


Why do I need this?

This Mini Radio Bug is one of the best spy devices in its class. It FCC verified and can not be used for hacking purposes. Adjust the right frequency and leave it wherever you need it to be, and it will transmit even quietest whisper around. You can use this device for pretty much anything. This device can operate up to 110 hours from the battery included! And you can connect Mini Radio Bug to a power adapter and forget about replacing batteries for a long time. If you need to find out something, this little buddy will be the best choice. And there’s more to it.


ATTENTION! We are interested in quality of our products. That is why we test all the items thoroughly before shipping. We provide a two-week guarantee and free replacement in 24 hours in case of failure.


What you get:

●               2 week warranty

●               Expedited shipping

●               High quality

●               All the products are tested before shipping

●               Replacement in 24 hours in case of failure

Call right now and order Mini Radio Bug to get the best price on the market

Comfort recording distance up to 300m
Motion Sensor no
A/C 3V
Memory size no
Battery On batteries
Control range 7 m
Humidity 15-85%
Battery Life 5 days
Recordability no

No questions.

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