M16CH Very powerful jamming all frequencies Monster
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  • A/C :
    Mains: AC: 100/240 V power from the cigarette lighter cars: DC: 12V, 3A
  • Potencia de salida:
  • Radio de Bloqueo de Señal:
    to 40 meters when the signal strength of -100 dBm quenchable
  • Sistemas Suprimidos:
    GSM900/GSM1800/3G/CDMA/315/433/868/GPS/4G/4G Wimax/VHF/UHF/Wi-Fi/GPS/GLONASS L2/Wi-Fi
  • Equipo:
    Jamming 1x 1x 1x Vehicle power cable 1x Power supply Mains cable 220 16x. Antenna 1x Manual
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1 140.04€
Out Of Stock

The main function of the suppressor stationary link "16CH Monster" has become protection from the most sophisticated listening device (from cell phones, to wireless microphones and video cameras). Another, no less important task of this device is the formation of the working atmosphere in offices, prevent distractions during meetings, negotiations, business meetings (the device blocks incoming/outgoing calls and SMS messages). Jammers "Monster 16CH", often used in cinemas, with screenings, performances in theaters, in churches, mosques, temples and many educational and correctional institutions in General, in places where mobile phone use is not desirable or even prohibited.

Deactivating the functioning of the tracking devices that used satellite communication, which gives the device extra uniqueness.

The total output power level of the suppressor is 35 watts and occupies a leading position in its capacity, among competing devices. All 14 antennas give excellent and effective measure to suppress frequencies. Suppressor "Monster 16CH" is equipped with a cooling fan (cooler) to protect the device from overheating during extended operation. The device, during its operation, creates a disturbance, the so - called "white noise," and thus, jamming work cell phones and other devices that operate on the frequencies stated in the specifications of the surge protector. The range of a jammer up to 40 meters. This indicator is one of the best devices of its competitors. It should be noted that the indicated figure is the maximum radius, which can vary, depending on the proximity of the location of the cell tower of the operator, relative to the suppressor.

The suppressed frequencies:

UHF (400 - 470 MHz), VHF (135 - 174 MHz.)
On the above frequencies operate many radio stations and radio transmitters. Earpieces, мобильныепортативныеавтомобильные radio, etc. through radiomechanical, irresponsible students write down the answers when carrying out intermediate and final certifications. But thanks to the suppressor "Monster 14CH" - this problem will be forever solved and students will be forced to conscientiously prepare for school!

GPS L2 (1200 - 1310 MHz.)
The suppression of these frequencies that guarantee protection from tracking devices, including unauthorized. GPS/GLONASS trackers will not be able to determine Your location, if your vehicle will work jammers GPS "Monster 16CH". Immediately after switching on suppressor - Your car will just disappear from the screens of monitors and You can be sure that the track You stopped.

GSM (900 - 1800 MHz.)
At these ranges, work cell phones, various devices wiretapping. Blocking this frequency, ensures the security of keeping confidential information, and hold any meeting or business meeting. Now, You don't have to pause for distracting phone calls or messages! The staff in the office will no longer spend their working time on social networks, phone calls or correspondence.

Also, the suppressor would be very useful in the cinema, in order to provide visitors with a calm viewing of the film, without extra stimuli in the form of someone's endless chatter on the phone.

3G (2110 - 2170 MHz.)

4G LTE (725 - 770 MHz.)

4G Wimax (2500 - 2700 MHz.)

Wi-Fi (2400 - 2500 MHz.), Wi-Fi (5000 MHz)
Frequency the Internet. Suppressing them jamming "Monster 16CH" automatically copes with a variety of tasks. For example: the inability to operate devices wiretapping, deactivating data transmission from the mobile phone via the Internet, the establishment of the working environment on the job, etc.

CDMA (850 – 894 MHz.)
The frequency of the radio, but gained fame and popularity is, as the frequency of cellular communication. At this frequency some mobile phones, radios, wiretaps-wiretaps.


1. Stepless power adjustment for each channel
2. Jamming almost the entire frequency range
3. The vehicle power cable
4. Effective internal cooling
5. 16 suppressed frequencies!
6. Universal lock connection
7. The noise level during operation, comparable to the two system blocks of computers.

ATTENTION! Jammers Monster 16CH blocks the frequency at which some key chains, alarm systems for cars, gates, shutters. It must be remembered that to use these suppressors You must ensure that the operation of the device or who does not and only works within the range that your personal safety and does not create problems for other citizens in obtaining communication services. Or to warn and get consent to the use of radiolucency from third parties that may fall under the scope of the lock.

Installing a blocker in the building, you must consider the level of communication and the remoteness of this building from the base of the cell tower operator, material of walls and partitions. Under different conditions the blocking radius can vary significantly.

To work with the suppressor is very simple! To activate the blocking-mode (suppress) cell phones and spy devices, it is only necessary to connect the antenna to the main unit with a special cable (included) and connect it with the adapter to the mains of 220 V. the Device starts to work, i.e. to "turn off" all devices that use the stated frequency (note: if the suppression zone is a phone with an already established connection, it shuts down immediately, but after 10-15 sec.). Located on the front panel LEDs turn on when I start to work the appropriate range.

A/C Mains: AC: 100/240 V power from the cigarette lighter cars: DC: 12V, 3A
Potencia de salida 40W
Radio de Bloqueo de Señal to 40 meters when the signal strength of -100 dBm quenchable
Sistemas Suprimidos GSM900/GSM1800/3G/CDMA/315/433/868/GPS/4G/4G Wimax/VHF/UHF/Wi-Fi/GPS/GLONASS L2/Wi-Fi
Equipo Jamming 1x 1x 1x Vehicle power cable 1x Power supply Mains cable 220 16x. Antenna 1x Manual

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