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295-11 BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices
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The flagship of "BugHunter DAudio". From the model "bda-1" differs in that in addition to a powerful ultrasonic interference with the author's algorithm generates speech-like acoustic, so jamming ALL kinds of microphones with a 100% GUARANTEE: wired, wireless, laser, the cell phones, bugging, professional tape recorders, etc. Our jammer is equipped with 5 ultrasonic transducers and a powerful speaker and has an improved component base which makes it even more effective.

Turbo mode provides the best protection and effectiveness of suppression.

100% efficiency! Protects against eavesdropping by any types of microphones!
Advanced model, unlike the prototype of the "BugHunter DAudio bda-1", not only has the ultrasonic emitters, but also a powerful speaker that generates an acoustic disturbance. Due to the combined effect of ultrasound and speech-like sound muffles any devices with microphones, professional audio recorders (E-dic Mini, Dwarf, Forty, etc.), microphones, mobile phones, wired, wireless and directional microphones. Very efficient and reliable suppressor.

Absolutely not interfere with the conversation, if need be, the volume of the acoustic interference can be reduced or disable it at all, then the suppressor will work completely silently (since the ultrasound inaudible to humans). Additionally, our developers have provided the device special turbo mode, which can significantly increase the effectiveness of the protection without any increase in power. This feature — our expertise, You won't find anywhere else!

The differences between jammer listening devices "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices" from prototype "BugHunter DAudio bda-1":

1) speech-like Acoustic signal guarantees 100% privacy."BugHunter DAudio bda-1" uses only ultrasonic interference, the creation of the "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices" our developers went even further and added to ultrasound is a powerful speech-like noise, which is randomly generated and makes eavesdropping impossible. To filter out such interference is not even on the most modern equipment, so whatever you do detractors, they will hear your conversation instead of meaningless noise. You can be 100% confident in their safety!

A powerful speaker, which creates a speech-like noise nuisance, is located on the top of the lock "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices".

The power of the acoustic signal can be adjusted by rotating a special pen: to increase to a maximum and decrease until complete shutdown. Choose the level of exposure that You want.

2) Updated author's algorithm of ultrasonic interference. Our developers have carried out many tests and trials basic model "BugHunter DAudio bda-1", allowing you to make corrections in the author's algorithm of ultrasonic waves to achieve maximum efficiency of the radiated signal. As a result, ultrasonic impact of the "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices" became more powerful, it now suppresses spy device even better and more reliable. Especially noticeable these changes to TURBO mode when there is an increase in ultrasonic signal due to the superposition of waves of different configurations.

3) the Upgraded components. State of the art circuitry ensures the best possible exposure to the microphones and the effectiveness of suppression of spyware instruments. In addition, the updated "electronic filling", the reliability of device and extends its operating time. We guarantee trouble-free operation of the lock! "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices" will protect You for a long time without a break and "misfires" that is not available to many other devices.

The principle of operation of surge suppressor

The unit with 5 built-in emitters generates an ultrasonic signal. The ultrasound frequency is set by the microcontroller and changed according to the specially designed (for maximum effectiveness suppress) the author's algorithm. Generated by the device of the ultrasonic signal affects the recording channels of listening devices (voice recorders, microphones, cell phones, etc.), with the result that they record only illegible noise, from which it is quite impossible to distinguish any details of the conversation.

In addition, the powerful speaker produces an audible speech-like noise interference, which also destroys the meaning of the conversation: she spy devices record only unintelligible mumbling, to restore the conversation becomes physically impossible. Sound noise is generated haphazardly, so filter it can even special equipment.

Such comprehensive protection guarantees the highest possible reliability and confidentiality. Any spy devices with microphones (even the most expensive) are completely useless "toys", they just can't remove the right information. They fix only illegible noise, from which it is impossible to distinguish individual words and phrases. In this case, the interference do not interfere with the negotiations, because ultrasonic signals are not audible to the human ear, and the volume of the speech-like signal is easily configurable (if desired, it can even be output to external speakers via a special connector). You and your caller will hear each other, but no one can eavesdrop on your conversation!

Suppressor of dictaphones and microphones of any "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices" is not only efficient, but also stylish design.

Competitive advantages suppressor of microphones, listening devices and recorders "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices":

1) 100% protection — no spyware a device with a microphone will not be able to "overhear" your conversation

This robust protection has become possible as a result of the application 2 efficient technologies at once: an ultrasonic signal + human speech-like noise. If you are running a "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices" from spy devices microphones don't have any chance to remove confidential information. Any technique becomes equally useless: laser, wired and wireless microphones, professional audio recorders (such as the Magpie, Gnome, E-dic, etc.), directional microphones, cell phones, etc. It allows You not to worry about what device the wire will be used against You. "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices" drown out any "bug" and will not allow anyone to know your secrets.

2) extremely high capacity and suppression of range!

Lock microphone "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices" emits a very powerful ultrasonic and acoustic signals (at least 120 dB). In the Russian market has no analogues are able to compete in terms of power and range with our device. He is able to block the microphone at a distance of up to 7 m. Most counterparts, especially in China, even the specs are at least 2-3 times worse. But in reality this figure is even higher.

The radiation power of the device is so high that our experts highly recommend not to bring emitters close to the hearing to avoid self-inflicted injury.

3) TURBO Mode for even greater efficiency of suppression when you want absolute privacy.

Although the suppressor and so ensures the highest level of privacy through the use of speech-like noise interference and ultrasound, our specialists went even further. They supplied the "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices" unique feature "Turbo mode". Enabling this mode allows to increase the efficiency of suppression of the microphones, making it truly unique powerful and reliable.

When you activate the turbo mode is activated a special generator that emits ultrasound to a slightly different frequency than the other generators are of the device. In the interaction of ultrasonic signals of different frequencies arise in the so-called frequency beating (applying signals of different frequencies), which lead to the fact that the efficiency of suppression is greatly increased when the same power of radiation.

This is a unique development of our specialists! In any other similar device You will not find such a function. If You need to provide maximum protection from eavesdropping, use of the acoustic disturbance along with turbo mode and don't worry about anything.

Note: the Only disadvantage when using the turbo mode is that when overlaying the frequency spectrum comes out in audible, audible range, so the device will start make some noise. That is, even if You are not using acoustic interference, but turned on the turbo mode, absolutely secretly use the suppressor will not work. However, it does not hurt to talk, You don't have to strain my voice to speak louder.

4) Flexible adjustment of the volume of the acoustic noise and the possibility of a totally silent operation — does not interfere with conversation.

Acoustic speech-like noise interference ensuring maximum confidentiality of the negotiations, but has one drawback — unlike ultrasound, it is heard, which means that it can interfere with conversation. Our developers considered it and provided a "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices" with volume control for acoustic noise. You can always configure the device so that it doesn't drown out your speech, and communication was as comfortable as possible. If the suppressor will disturb You, just turn down the volume by turning a mechanical lever on the front side of the device. Bringing the handle to a minimum, You turn off the acoustic disturbance. Well, by turning the handle in the opposite direction, it is possible to increase the volume and make the defense even stronger.

If you disable acoustic interference suppressor will run completely silent (except turbo mode). You will be able to talk, not paying attention to the appliance. If you remove it, for example, under the table, then there won't be any obvious signs that the lock of the microphones. Ie "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices" can be used covertly, if You don't want to advertise that a conversation is protected from eavesdroppers.

But you need to understand that without the use of acoustic interference protection from spying decreases. If You care really 100% confidentiality and requires suppression of all devices with microphones, will have to suffer a little inconvenience because of the noise blocker. But You will know that no one can eavesdrop on your conversation.

5) Ability to connect external speakers to protect large areas and/or for the suppression of directional microphones.

If desired, you can output the acoustic interference on external speakers for audio output, which is located on the front side of the device. This will protect from even a very large listening room. Additionally, external speakers will make useless even directional microphones (e.g., laser). When connecting the speakers, the power adjustment signal is the same as usual (the special controller on the device).

6) Use the jammer the way You want — mobile or stationary

Suppressor any microphones "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices" works equally well from the two sources of power supply: electricity 220 V (connection through the charge-feeding device, which comes in the kit) and built-in battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh. Its charge will last for a few hours that you will agree, for such a powerful device very well.

Wherever You go, the enforcer will always be with You and will protect You from spyware. And when there will be access to a network 220 In, simply connect it to the device. Thus, You will be able to use the device for mobile or stationary: as You prefer at the moment.

7) Four-level control system battery — You will be alerted that it is time to charge the battery

Below You will in any case not missed the point of discharge and protection, we have provided in our device display system of the battery. It is a green led on the front panel, which can be in one of 4 States:

  • constantly lit — battery charge is normal;
  • flashes once per second — the device works, but the battery already needs charging;
  • flashes 2 times per second — a strong discharge of the battery, the device is not working.
  • off — the battery is completely discharged.

The right side of the device to suppress any microphone "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices": the led control charging and charger connector (picture increasing click-through)

To charge the battery, connect it to the network 220 via the supplied charger. When you connect the charger the red led will light, also located on the front panel. When the led goes out, the battery is fully charged.

8) Bright stylish appearance, thoughtful design, quality materials

Suppressor "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices" is not only a high capacity and unparalleled efficiency, but also thoughtful design, which worked for a long time our developers. As a result, the device eletrification and very stylish in appearance, compact dimensions (150х92х28 mm). The housing is made of quality high impact plastic, resistant to any mechanical stress. It will serve You faithfully for a long time!

Lock microphones and recorders "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices" is designed and manufactured by our company. In the production process of the product uses an integrated five-step system of quality control to ensure full compliance of products with the stated specifications.


Overall dimensions, mm 150х92х28
Weight (with batteries), kg 0,27
Food built-in battery 1200 mAh
External battery charger 12, operates from a network 220 V
Sound pressure level (distance 1 m from the emitter), dB at least 120
The distance
  • optimal up to 2 m;
  • maximum up to 7 m
The principle of suppression ultrasonic noise + acoustic human speech-like noise
The number of stages of the control of the charge level 4 (green led: lights up flashes once per second flashing 2 times per second not lit)
range of working temperatures, °C +5 to +55
relative humidity at 25°C, % 98


To use the suppressor will of any man, even a layman. It's very simple, no complicated settings are required. Only need to send the jammer emitters to the side, where it is assumed the presence of wiretapping devices, and enable it by turning a mechanical lever (located on the front side). "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices" immediately starts to work, protecting You from any spyware microphones. If desired, you can adjust the volume of the speech-like signal, if enabled.

Before using the surge suppressor recommended:

1. To check the battery charge if the device is offline.

2. To do a little testing of the efficiency of the device. For this You can use the recorder on your cell phone. Turn it on to record, send our device emitters on the phone and start talking. Then listen to that recorded cell phone. On the record there should be only unintelligible noise. If so, then the device is working properly.

Altavoz incorporado yes
Consumo de energía 12
Batería 1200mAh
Radio de Bloqueo de Señal 3-7 m
batería up to 2 hrs
Sistemas Suprimidos Edic/Gnome/Magpie
Equipo Suppressor microphones listening devices and voice recorders & quot; BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices & quot; - 1 PC; Charger 220 V - 1 unit; Packing - 1 pc; Quality Control List - 1 unit; Operating Instructions - 1 pc.

No questions.

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