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FF916 Wireless zakidnogo a sounder for fishing with WIFI viewing from a phone
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  • Volumen de Grabación:
    5 m²
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  • A/C :
    3.7 В
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  • Ángulo de visión:
    90 °
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Throw wireless intelligent sounder FF-916 best device in its series. It uses Wi-Fi connection to transfer information to your smartphone or tablet. All this makes FF-916 only throw sounder with high accuracy scanning and other functions previously available only on a stationary boat devices. This Wireless wifi fish finder for fishing can be used in ocean, river or lake and is indispensable in order to detect fish in any fresh or salt water.

Food WI-Fi, echo-sounder for fishing –lithium rechargeable battery 3.7 V , usb charging cord is included. Track extreme depths - FF-916 is able to scan the waters at depths from 0.5 m to 80m, opening you to the possibility of fishing in the many freshwater reservoirs of various sizes. You can without any problems to fish from FF-916 in canals, ponds, lakes, even in strong currents.

The range of the Wi-Fi reaches 100m, which makes FF-916 throw the most advanced fish finder on the market. Wi-Fi connection allows you to increase the maximum distance between the sensor and the smartphone, as well as to improve the accuracy of transmitted data.

Built-in access point Wi-Fi. You do not need access to the Internet via 3G or Wi-Fi on the fishing spot! The Deeper fish finder has built-in Wi-Fi transmitter that connects to your smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is enable Wi-Fi on your smartphone and connect it to the access point Deeper. You can connect Deeper to your smartphone via Wi-Fi anywhere in the world.


  • The communication range of a sensor device 50M.
  • Detects the location of fish , depth and temperature in fresh and sea water
  • Can be used as a fish finder and sounder to draw the terrain and determine the depth.
  • Can be used at a depth of 130 FEET (45 meters)
  • Built-in temperature sensor of water
  • The choice of the depth in feet or meters.
  • Water temperature: in °C or °F
  • The fish symbol and drawing of the bottom relief in real time
  • Can find and show one or more of the fish, indicating the size of the fish
  • There is the alarm device for the detection of fish, and alarm water levels. (to keep the boat ran aground)
  • With a beam angle of 90 degrees
  • Fully waterproof design
  • Designed for Amateurs and professionals
  • Can be used in ocean, river or lake powered by 3.7 V built-in lithuim rechargeable battery.

Snap Fish finder FF-916 to your device

10 seconds after turning on WI-FI Fishfinder, Your device can start to connect with the sounder. Select WI-FI settings on your device, turn on WI-FI . Select the network then enter the password (default network password: 12345678). You can see details about the network device.

The app interface is Wifi fish finder

Wifi fish finder shows all the information about the study place under the water, on the screen of your device. When you run the application you will see information. The first button activation device. The second button demonstration mode . The third button settings. Fourth-select the interface language. This section provides a detailed description of each button.

Activation of the device

The first time an app is enabled you need to activate the sounder for your device. The device can only be associated with one WI-FI Fishfinder. The sounder can be tied a maximum of five devices.

The activation process of the equipment:

1) Turn on the sounder, lights up blue light, screw down the stopper.

2) plug a network Fish Finder, enter the code "12345678"

3) Launch the app Wifi fish finder

4) Put the sensor in water.

5) After the sensor is in the water 45 seconds, without removing the sensor from the water, hit the activate button, a window will appear where you can enter the 12-digit activation code that is listed on the sticker on the device (this is the MAC address of the sounder). Click - activation. With a successful activation will display "Activated!". The device is ready for operation.

If the activation is unsuccessful, please check:

1)powered Fish finder FF-916;

2)have you Included the WI-FI network on Your device;

3)if a device is Connected to the network Fish finder (password access to network 12345678);

4)is there a sensor in the water.


Demo mode – visually similar to the mode of operation the only difference is that the temperature of the bottom topography, the testimony of the fish shown on the screen – virtual. In demo mode without the user to graphically demonstrates the operation of the device. In demo mode without no need to connect the device with the echo sounder. And no need to turn on WI-FI. To return to the home screen, press the back button or the button.


In the main menu click (on an enabled device), you will enter the mode of operation of the device. If the WI-FI on your device is not enabled, the message NO Wi-Fi . During normal operation the screen will display data similar to Demaria, you will continuously get data depth, elevation, water temperature, information about fish from WI-FI Fishfinder. Data will be updated from right to left, any change to the data will be displayed on the screen.

a) measurement range depth of 0.4-45 m ( 1,3-147 ft), accuracy of 0.1 meters (0.3 ft).

b) water Temperature in the contact zone of the sensor with water, measuring range -9,9 to +60 , accuracy 0.1 degrees.

c) Scale, to determine the depth at which the fish or the flock, as well as the depth and bottom topography.

d) Partial magnification allows a more detailed analysis of a certain depth, when the zoom is off, the lower limit is 0. When the increase included an upper limit equal to the prescribed value, and the bottom is equal to the difference of the upper limit and the magnitude of the increase.

e) the Lower limit of the fractional increase in off increasing the lower limit is equal to the specified depth. This value shows the maximum depth which shows the depth sounder. If you set the depth – Auto then this value will change automatically (2m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 45m do not exceed the maximum depth for correct readings). If you specify a static depth, the lower limit will correspond to the chosen value. And sonar will not show the data at a depth of more selected.

f) Icons discovered fish differ in size and shown respectively: small, medium and large fish.

g) Values above the symbols of the fish show depth on which fish is discovered.

h) the Elevation of the reservoir bottom shows the bottom of the reservoir during the sensing sonar. Contour brushes from right to left, the speed upgrade 1 to 5 user selectable.

i) the charge level of the Fish finder FF-916, this icon displays the battery level of the sounder from 0 to 4. After fully charging the sounder can be used for about 5 hours.

j) the Level of sensitivity of the sonar, this icon shows the level of sensitivity of the sonar. The user can change the sensitivity depending on conditions. It is recommended to apply a low level of sensitivity in shallow water, and a high level of sensitivity on the deep waters.

Volumen de Grabación 5 m²
Disponibilidad de WiFi
A/C 3.7 В
Batería 500mAh
Ángulo de visión 90 °
batería 5 hrs
Equipo 1x Wi-FI Sounder for fishing with a built-in battery 1x Car Charger 1x Corporate pouch to carry the device 1x Instruction 1x box 1x USB cord for charging sonar

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