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Edic-mini Tiny E60-1200 Voice Recorder - miniature spy voice recorder 8Gb
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  • Motion Sensor :
  • A/C :
  • Memory size :
    8 GB
  • Battery :
    On batteries
  • Control range :
    7 m
  • Humidity :
  • Battery Life :
    4 days
  • Memory usage :
    1GB/37.5 h
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Characteristics of the model's Small voice recorder E60

Available to use a Small tape recorder E60's are made in a modern style.

A small tape recorder E60 S it very easy to control — the beginning and the end of recording is controlled using a single button.

The recorder comes from an external source, which is not staffed.

Sound recordings are listened to on a PC using the RecManager program, which is included.

Supplied with:

-the recorder

USB cord

-power for the operation of the device

-CD-ROM program and guide to using


-pass guarantee


Guide to using

For the first entry you must:

Connect the cord to operate the device to an external power source is 3 volts into the connector. Click on the "sound Recorder". After five short flashes of the led will allow you to record. To stop recording click "Stop". During the stop indicator will flash once. When the recording starts, the indicator flashes two will show the status of the power source at the start of the recording, and Unallocated memory.

No questions.

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