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SPYCENT Display HD Digital Camera Binoculars 12x32 5MP Video Photo Recorder Digital Camera Telescope Tracking up to 300 Meters Black
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Smart binoculars with the functions of video recording and photographing of objects equipped with high-quality CMOS sensor, which allows you to take pictures with limited lighting. The device has a color display to view the received materials. For the autonomy of binoculars with built in camera uses batteries of type AAA, allowing him to make JPG photos and record AVI videos up to 4 hours.

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    【The FS608】 is a digital camera binocular that combines an excellent all-opticsl binoculsr system with a high definition digital video camera.The LCD display gives you quick control over different functions to capture the perfect photo or video on high definition
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    【Take s closer look at things】 with a 12x magnification-32mm aperture binocular system. The best choice for outdoor sports, investigation of evidence, concerts, clubs, and adventure tourism enthusiasts Elegant, exquisite and fashionable, its color is more exquisite and it is
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    【t's a perfect tool for hunting】,fishing,birdwatching,outdoors adventures,surveillance jobs or just plain fun watching concerts or sports High-definition digital telescope adopts excellent all-optical system and HD digital video function
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    【Suitable for a Variety of Occasions】This 2" LCD Screen Binoculars designed for professional outdoor activities amateurs. The best choice for birdwatching, hunting, fishing, investigation of evidence, concerts, clubs, and adventure tourism
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    Not Support
  • Photo format :
  • Photo Resolution :
  • Video Resolution :
  • Video format :
  • The number of frames per second :
  • Comfort recording distance :
  • Motion Sensor :
  • Matrix :
  • Availability of WiFi :
  • A/C :
  • Memory size :
    up to 2 GB
  • Battery :
    AAA batteries
  • Control range :
    109.6 m
  • Viewing angle :
  • Humidity :
  • MicroSD Support :
  • Battery Life :
    up to 4 hrs
  • Memory usage :
    1.6GB / 1h
  • Equipment :
    1 x Binoculars with built-in video camera 1x 1x USB cable 1x Manual 1x CD drive Napkin
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Binoculars with a camera made of black plastic. On the side of the device there are ports through which the binoculars are connected to other devices. The design of this model is very similar to the military counterpart. But, unlike its "colleagues" in functionality it is a little behind "army friend". Feature of this model of binoculars with the camera is the LCD display diagonal of 1.5 inches. In the body of the binoculars provided by the recess, in which ease it display. For comfortable lifting and connection of the screen, the developers provided a special removable fasteners. For more convenient carry and use binoculars, the designers provided a depression in the housing. The size of the binoculars 155x107x50. Technical ability In digital camera binoculars built camera. So we can't tell You about one of the main advantages of this optical device. The recordings are in AVI format. The maximum frequency of the video shoot 9 FPS (frames per second). Moreover, the binocular is equipped with a matrix with a resolution of 1.3 MP. The recording resolution of 320×240 pixels. Color reproduction 24 bit. The functionality of the devices allow you to shoot directly into the time tracking of what is happening around. Thus, the user does not need to be distracted from the surveillance camera and binoculars operate in parallel. The camera and optics This model of binoculars with a camera has the ability to take photos. To implement this function, the developers have built into the device is CMOS sensor with a resolution of 1.3 MP. The resolution of the image defaults to 1280×1024. In the interpolation mode photo resolution can reach 3264×2048. In addition, an optical viewfinder, which is mounted in the binoculars, makes photography more comfortable and quality. You want to buy a modern pair of binoculars with a 32-fold increase? This feature of the device will be useful to football fans who are forced to watch the game from the last rows of the stadium. This model optics provides for an increase in 32. Optical magnification of binoculars is 8x and the digital 4x. If you do not have sufficient knowledge in the field of photography, you'll be able to take pictures of good quality. Because the exposure and white balance are automatically adjusted to the surrounding conditions. And the camera binoculars are independently focused into the center of the frame. Focal length 28 mm, lens aperture F/2.8. Other technical features of the Device gets power from replaceable sources, such as AAA, i.e. batteries or accumulators. Since batteries have binoculars there. To get started you need to install in your device 4 batteries. If you wish to take binoculars on a journey, it is best to prepustiti and spare power sources. Then You won't have to wait a few hours until charged binoculars. You just change batteries and keep shooting. The binocular has a built-in memory. Its volume is not big - only 31 MB. If You want to take lots of photos or long video shoot, you better take care of additional external storage device. Cards supported-memory-SD volume up to 2GB. Note a very important caveat, which affects the usability of the device - this model of the binoculars can be mounted on a tripod. The display, which is mounted in the camera, enables you to monitor what is happening around and to record, since everything captures optics device, once projected on the display. The display turns on simply by pressing the button which is located directly below the LCD screen. Disable it by using the same button. Note that the power consumption of binoculars is affected by the display mode. Therefore, unnecessarily it is better not to include. How to view the recorded content playback binoculars video recording very easy. It is necessary to attach the device to your TV, PC or laptop. This model is paired with a TV with RCA interface. For this you need to connect the binoculars, and include a video that is on the memory card. Once you start the movie on the display device, it will immediately appear on the TV screen. Note that to view the record on TV, it must be translated in the AV mode. To connect binocular to PC or notebook through special USB port. The operating system recognizes the binoculars as another removable media. After connecting the device with memory card to the computer, go to "My computer" and select your disk. You can then copy all the files on the hard disk. For example, to view the photos with any software that supports JPG format. Video recorded by binoculars with camera, saved in AVI format. So You will not have to search the Internet for the necessary codecs and software to view the video. This can be done even on a standard media player. PC configuration is not particularly important. The main thing is that the computer has sufficient resources for correct operation of the OS. The binoculars can work with any OS since Win98 SE and ending with Windows7. We emphasize that the manufacturer does not guarantee that the device will be compatible with OS Windows x64. As it was tested only on 32-bit systems. What created the spy trio? Modern and stylish binoculars with camera provided by the manufacturer, is more suited to Amateur photography and filming than professionals. Because the image quality on photo and video for family viewing is decent, but with professional or even semi-professional point of view, wants to be the best. The binoculars easy to take to competitions, to record bright and interesting events. For example, expertly-forgotten goals against the opponent. Unscrupulous people might have the idea to use the camera binoculars are viewed a film in the cinema or a play at the theatre, so in the future to put the video online. Caution to all: in the criminal code such actions fall under the heading of videopirates and provide for severe punishment.

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