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Fahrzeug Tracker 4-Frequenz TK103
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Ein Auto-Tracker funktioniert über GPS, GSM und GPRS und bestimmt den Standort des Fahrzeugs mit einer Genauigkeit von bis zu 5 Metern. Aufgrund des geräumigen eingebauten Akkus 1000 mAh kann das Gerät bis zu 5 Tage unabhängig arbeiten. Die Zeit für einen kalten und warmen Start beträgt 45 bzw.

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So how does АвтомобильныйGPS103 (TK-103) GPS tracker? The device is powered by automotive battery, and should also be installed in the car (preferably in a hidden place, eg., under the seat). It runs on the latest GPS SiRF III chipset(sophisticated GPS microchip embedded into the tracker), which continuously reads its own location from low-orbit satellites of the global navigation system, and then utilizes the GSM/GPRS infrastructure operated by your network operator, to transmit its current location to you.

All you need to do is insert a working SIM card, аGPS103 (TK-103) GPS traceabilities four-frequency range of cellular communication so it works anywhere in the world where there is cellular.GPS tracker"does not shout loud for all", so that only you fully realize what's going on with your car and inside the driver and passengers do not know about their actions and whereabouts constantly reported.


  • Track on demand - Replies TEXT message of current latitude, longitude, speed and time, as well as the link to the online map on your cellphone to show you where exactly are the GPS tracker and your car.
  • "Geo-fencing" - when the vehicle moves in/out a given area on a predetermined phone number will send an SMS alarm.
  • Warnings about movement and speed: the tracker can warm you with SMS message when you start moving a parked car or when exceeding a preset speed.
  • Engine stop: the tracker can send an SMS message to turn off the fuel supply and battery, and the engine will remain muted until the abolition of the status of the alarm system.
  • GPRS: for a GPRS enabled SIM card, in real time, you can control the computer the movement of your vehicle with the supplied software.
  • Ample opportunities through SMS messages
  • Stopping the car at your command
  • "Quiet," listening in monitor mode
  • GPRS and Internet application
  • GPS chip: SIRF III chip
  • Network: GSM/GPRS
  • GSM frequencies: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • GSM/GPRS module: SIMCOM Sim340
  • GPS sensitivity: -159 dBm
  • GPS accuracy: 5 m
  • Time to first measurement:
    - slow start: 45
    - average start: 35 s
    - quick start: 1
  • Power: 12V from car battery
  • Backup power: built-in rechargeable 3.7 V 1000 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +55 C
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing


  • 1 x АвтомобильныйGPS103 (TK-103), GPS tracker
  • 1 x GPS antenna
  • 1 x GSM antenna
  • 1 x Micro


1. Installation of the device

Attention! To install the device, we recommend to contact a qualified technician.

Attention! When installing pay special attention to the location of the GSM and GPS antennas. The installation site must provide sufficient signal level to operate the device.

Attention! To install the device in a place protected from moisture and dust.

Attention! Before connecting the door buttons to determine what type it is on Your car (the buttons are positive and negative).

Attention! Install service button and the SOS button easily accessible for the driver.

Securely mount the device and then connect according to the following scheme:

2. Insert the SIM card

Make sure that the installed SIM card is disabled and forwarding the PIN code check. Also needs to be installed the text format of SMS message (PDU format is not supported). Your hit with a sharp object (e.g. a pen) on the extractor SIM card and remove the SIM card slot. Insert the SIM card into the slot and set the slot into place.

3. Turn on the device

Attention! External power supply must have the voltage from 12V to 24V. Connect the black and red wires power the device to negative and positive poles of the external power respectively. Wait 1 minute and turn the power switch on the device in the "ON"position.

4. Led indicator

The indicator signal

The value

Steady red signal

There is no GSM signal

The red signal flashes rapidly (one flash per second)

A GSM signal, the device works in GSM mode

Red signal light flashes slowly (one flash per three seconds)

There is a GSM signal, the device is in GPRS mode

The green light

There is no GPS signal

Green light is not lit

No GPS signal

5. Initialization

Send SMS "begin + password" (example: "begin123456"). The tracker will send SMS "begin ok" and reset all settings. Initially, the device default password: 123456.

6. Change password

Attention! The device password should consist of six digits. To change the password send SMS "password + old password + space + new password" (example: "password123456 888888"). The device will reply SMS "password ok" and set the new password.

7. Authorization

Attention! Authorize up to 5 rooms. For authorization number, send SMS "admin + password + space + cell phone number" (example: "admin123456 +79139139280"). The other authorized numbers should be set by the first authorized number. If the number is successfully authorized, the unit will reply SMS as "admin ok!" To delete an authorized number, send SMS "noadmin + password + space + authorized number" (example: "noadmin123456 +79139139280").

8. A survey in real-time

Attention! In the absence of authorised numbers, the device answers queries from any number. In the presence of an authorized number, the device will not respond to queries from the authorized number. For obtaining geo-information from the device in real time have to do with authorized numbers, the call number of the device. The device takes a reset of the call and will issue a report containing information with the current position of the device (latitude, longitude), date and time of the response to the query speed.

Attention! In the absence of the GPS signal, the device will return the coordinates and time of the last defined point.

9. Automatic tracking

For obtaining geo-information in the automatic mode with the specified interval, send SMS "fixAAAsBBBn + password", where AAA and BBB is a three digit number between 001 and 255. The number of AAA specifies the interval of sending data in seconds, the number of BBB – amount data (for example, "fix030s005n123456" specifies the five-time data is sent every 30 seconds). The interval of sending data can be specified in hours and minutes, to do this, instead of the character "s" to use characters "m" and "h" respectively. Attention! Note: the interval should not be less than 20 seconds. For unlimited packages instead of a number BBB must specify three asterisks (for example, "fix003m∗∗∗n123456" specifies an unlimited number of parcels of data with an interval in 3 minutes). If you have installed an unlimited number of packages, you can optionally enable the send data for the distance traveled. In this mode, the sending data will be made on time (according to the previously specified interval) and the distance traveled. To activate, send an SMS "distance + password + space + EEEE", where EEEE is a four – digit number. The device will reply SMS "Distance ok". The number EEEE specifies the distance, in metres, after which the device will send data (for example, "distance123456 0050" installs an additional device sending data every 50 meters). To exit auto tracking mode, send SMS "nofix + password" (for example, "nofix123456").

10. Monitoring of changes of direction

When operating in GPRS mode, device will automatically send data when changing direction at a given angle. The default value of this angle is 30 degrees. To change the value of the angle, send an SMS "angle + password + space + AAA", where AAA is a three digit number. The device will reply SMS "angle ok". The number of AAA specifies the angle, in degrees, when the direction of motion to which the device will upload the data.

11. The suppression of the GPS scintillations

To suppress the error of determining the position of the device when it is in the same place (coordinates constant), the device is implemented mode rejection GPS fluctuations. This mode is enabled on the device by default. To enable suppression of the GPS scintillations, send an SMS "suppress + password". The device will reply SMS "suppress drift ok". To turn off the suppression mode, the GPS scintillations, send an SMS "nosuppress + password". The device will reply SMS "drift nosuppress ok".

12. Monitor mode (listen)

To enter the monitor mode, send SMS "monitor+password" (for example "monitor123456"). The tracker will send SMS "monitor ok". Then if, with the authorized numbers call to device, device accepts the incoming call and will transmit a signal from the built-in microphone. To exit the monitoring mode, send SMS "tracker + password" (e.g. "tracker123456"). The device will reply SMS "tracker ok".

13. AutoSave geo data

In case of loss of GSM signal (GPRS connection), the device is able to record messages and geo-information to a microSD card and when you restore GSM signal automatically to perform their re-shipment to the authorized numbers or server. To install the AutoSave with a limited number of points, send an SMS "saveAAAsBBBn + password", where AAA and BBB is a three digit number between 001 and 255. The number of AAA specifies the data saving interval, in seconds, the number of BBB – number of waypoints (e.g., "save030s050n123456" will retain up to 50 points every 30 seconds). Data saving interval can be specified in hours and minutes, to do this, instead of the character "s" to use characters "m" and "h" respectively. To set the mode with an unlimited number of points instead of a number BBB must specify three asterisks (for example, "save003m∗∗∗n123456" to save unlimited number of locations with an interval in 3 minutes). The number of stored points in this mode will be limited only by the capacity of the installed microSD card. To reset the AutoSave settings, send a SMS "clear + password" (for example, "clear123456"). The device will reply a SMS message "clear ok"

14. Data download

To load the data for the current date, send SMS "load + password" (e.g. "load123456"). If the device is configured and available for a GPRS connection, the device will reply a SMS message "load ok" and begin uploading the data. If GPRS connection is not configured or is not available, the device will reply a SMS message "load fail! Please check gprs". To load the data for that date, send SMS "load + password + space + year month day" (for example, "load123456 20120915" means a request to download the data for 15 September 2012).

15. Redirection of incoming messages

To redirect to the authorized numbers of incoming communications from a specified number (for example, with the service number of the mobile operator) send SMS "forward + password + space + phone number". When you receive an incoming message from the specified number, the device will forward the message to all authorized numbers. To cancel redirection of incoming messages, send SMS "noforward + password".

16. Sending a message to the specified number

To send a message to a specified number, send an SMS "balance + password + space + phone number + space + message contents". The device will send to the specified message with the specified content.

SOS-Panik-Taste im Gerät yes
Bewegungssensor Support
Senden von GPS-Koordinaten an eine Nummer yes
Steuerung der Batterieentladung yes
Batterie 1000mAh
GPS-Genauigkeit 5 m
Regelbereich within the coverage area
Kaltstart 45 seconds
Hot start 35 seconds
SMS-Steuerung yes
GPS-Empfindlichkeit -159dBm
Life-Signal yes
Echtzeituhr yes
MicroSD-Unterstützung yes
Akkulaufzeit 5 d
Aufzeichnbarkeit no
Network GPS / GSM / GPRS
Ausrüstung 1x GSM / GPRS / GPS Tracker TK 103 External GPS antenna 1x 1x 1x external GSM antenna kit wires to connect; 1x CD software 1x Instruction
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Hello, you can track the position of the car using the official app.
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