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295-10 the Spysonic Desktop XL Combi is a combined suppressor: sound + ultrasound
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    GSM900/GSM1800/3G/CDMA/315/433/868/GPS/4G/4G Wimax/VHF/UHF/Wi-Fi/GPS/GLONASS L2/Wi-Fi
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Lock the tape recorders Spysonic XL Combi, desktop combined version: adjustable audio interference generator and ultrasound jammer with increased power (16 emitters).

The spysonic Desktop XL Combi is a combination of ultrasonic suppressor of increased capacity and the acoustic noise generator with floating spectrum in the form of a table column. The combination of ultrasonic suppressor and a sound generator, when used properly, provides near-100% probability of suppressing the recording device.

Combined suppressor of dictaphones is audible and ultrasonic noise generators combined in a single housing. Ultrasonic obstacle is almost inaudible and well suppresses types of wired microphones Shoroh and mku, voice recorders Edic, smartphones iPhone and various bugs. Not all recorders and cellular phones are susceptible to ultrasound (probability of suppression ultrasonic 50%), so this model added sound interference generator with floating spectrum, which allows to increase the effectiveness of suppression up to 100%. It should however be borne in mind that the work of a sound generator (unlike ultrasound) audible and its use may not always be appropriate.

Technology Ultranoise

Altranais in ultrasonic podavila is 2 key points:

1. Modulation of ultrasonic carrier specially selected noise signal of audio range. The result is a signal that is perceived by the human ear as a sound similar to a background alternating current in disconnected speaker. In microphone recording or sound device, the sound turns into a loud noise that covers all other sounds.

2. Very high conversion efficiency of electric energy into ultrasound. This allows you to create powerful and economical device.

Orientirovanie distance suppression

The effectiveness of the suppressor in the ultrasonic mode is not the same for different devices. For IPhones (4 and 5) and most Chinese bugs suppressing distance is 10 meters or more. For cameras distance the effective suppression of 3 – 4 meters. For some phones the distance of suppression may not exceed 1 meter. In sound mode interference or combined mode suppression is carried out at any distance, provided that the level of noise disturbance equal to the level of speech.





Ed. metering

Voltage suppressor





Frequency range of the sound interference




Frequency range of ultrasound interference





Adjust the volume of audible interference


Power ultrasonic interference

Constant, 16 emitters

Temperature range





To activate the device you need to connect the speaker to 220V and press the POWER button on the side panel.

Ultrasonic suppressor begins to work immediately after switching on.

To enable additional audio noise generator with floating spectrum (combined mode) you should set the volume of the sound generator by VOLUME control. Tone control sound interference is carried out by the regulators TREBLE and BASS.

Ultrasonic suppressor

To include only the ultrasonic mode it is necessary to include a surge suppressor the POWER button on the side panel. The VOLUME should be set to the left. It is advisable to send the suppressor in the direction of the possible location of the record ustroystva.

Combined mode

To enable mixed mode, you must include the suppressor with the POWER button and then the volume control and tone controls TREBLE and BASS to adjust the volume and tone generator. The recommended position of the TREBLE control – at a minimum, the BASS knob is on maximum. To achieve the maximum efficiency of suppression, the volume of the sound disturbance needs to match the volume of the speech. The operation of the ultrasonic generator, the position of the volume controls and tone controls are not affected.

The side panel features a power button (POWER), volume control of audio interference (VOLUME) and tone controls (TREBLE) and (BASS).

On the rear panel of the speakers has a power cord and the power indicator (round led on the top right).

Unterdrückte Systeme GSM900/GSM1800/3G/CDMA/315/433/868/GPS/4G/4G Wimax/VHF/UHF/Wi-Fi/GPS/GLONASS L2/Wi-Fi
Ausrüstung Suppressor 1 pc. Operation manual 1 pc.

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