MX8B a cell jammer Monster X8-B's jamming of radio
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  • A/C :
    mains AC: 100/240 V from prikurivatelyaDC: 12V, 3A
  • Ausgangsleistung:
    20 W
  • Signal Blocking Radius:
    15-20 meters
  • Unterdrückte Systeme:
  • Ausrüstung:
    1x radio 1x Suppressor Vehicle power cable 1x power supply 1x network cable 220 8x Antenna 1x Manual
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Radioclassica Monster X8-B one of the first blockers in the domestic market is able to suppress radio station operating on UHF frequencies 400-470mhz and VHF 135-174. This is a huge sector of the communication using mobile, portable, and automobile radios and radio stations. The list can go on radio earpieces, which received mass application in educational institutions during exams. It is through radio earpieces, the students appreciated the opportunity to bypass normal interlocks of mobile communication. Technology does not stand still and we are introducing a completely new device with a large range of suppressed frequencies. In addition to cellular, radioclassica Monster X8-B's jamming of satellite connection, Wi-Fi and radio frequency. Thanks to new ranges this device can undoubtedly be called the best blocker earpieces.

Radio suppressor Monster X8-B has a high radiating power of suppression - 20W. In conjunction with one antenna shows excellent performance among competing devices. For the cooling device has a built-in ventilator cooling system of holes on the housing for heat dissipation. The inhibition radius is between 15-50 meters. This multi-functional jammer can be used in car thanks to the special power cable for cigarette lighter of the car.

Monster X8-B operates as a frequency generator white noise(interference). Its direct purpose is to turn off mobile phones, listening to various radiotochki that work on frequencies of GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz, 3G 2100 MHz, VHF/UHF. As well as satellite communications GPS/GLONASS and Wi-Fi network (routers)

The effectiveness of jammers walkie talkies Monster X8-B directly depends on the distance of the base station of the cellular operator. Therefore, the radius of the area of suppression can range from 15 to 50 meters. Same with power regulators, you can adjust the power of each channel suppression. This means that if the distance is too large, it can be reduced with the help of manual power adjustment.

Target audience

The main task of the suppressor radios X8 Monster-B is the prevention of information leakage by means of cell phones and radio networks UHF/VHF, various GSM-3G wiretaps, wireless video cameras and microphones. The second important moment in which the use of this device indispensable is the creation of a work environment in conference rooms, for business meetings, negotiations and meetings. You don't have to constantly be distracted by constant calls to mobile phones. The jammer UHF/VHF frequencies Monster X8-B are widely used in various social institutions where the use of phones are not recommended or are prohibited, such as schools, UNIVERSITIES, churches, theaters, etc.

The suppression of the satellite signal will protect from various tracking devices.


1. Stepless power adjustment for each channel
2. Suppression of radio networks UHF, VHF
3. The vehicle power cable
4. Effective internal cooling
5. Eight of suppressed frequencies.
6. Universal lock connection

Installing a blocker in the building, you must consider the level of communication and the remoteness of this building from the base of the cell tower operator, material of walls and partitions. Under different conditions the blocking radius can vary significantly.

To work with the suppressor is very simple! To activate the blocking-mode (suppress) cell phones and spy devices, it is only necessary to connect the antenna to the main unit with a special cable (included) and connect it with the adapter to the mains of 220 V. the Device starts to work, i.e. to "turn off" all devices that use the stated frequency (note: if the suppression zone is a phone with an already established connection, it shuts down immediately, but after 10-15 sec.). Located on the front panel LEDs turn on when I start to work the appropriate range.

A/C mains AC: 100/240 V from prikurivatelyaDC: 12V, 3A
Ausgangsleistung 20 W
Signal Blocking Radius 15-20 meters
Unterdrückte Systeme GSM900/GSM1800/GSM1900/3G/CDMA/VHF/UHF/Wi-Fi/GPS
Ausrüstung 1x radio 1x Suppressor Vehicle power cable 1x power supply 1x network cable 220 8x Antenna 1x Manual
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