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295-13 the Spysonic 21 (Spysonic 21) - duology ultrasonic jammer of voice recorders
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    Column 2 pieces (18 kHz and 25 kHz). Universal Power Adapter 2 pcs. A key for switching power 1 pc. Operation manual 1 pc.
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Ultrasonic jammer of audio recorders second generation Spysonic 21, table with 2 x small speakers. Both speakers are speakers.

The spysonic 21 is duopoloy ultrasonic blocker second-generation technology Ultranoise-2 in the form of 2 small desktop speakers to high quality darianna black color. One of the speakers has 4 emitter 25 kHz, and the other 1 emitter 18 kHz. Dimensions speakers (cm) 16x6x11.

Ultrasound jammer of voice recorders is an ultrasound generator with certain characteristics that affects microphones and input amplifiers of the recording devices. Ultrasonic blockers, second generation Spysonic 21 exceed the blockers first-generation radius suppression, but also in the number of types of recording devices suppressed. In addition to wired microphones Shoroh type and ISU, the Spysonic 21 inhibit the majority of models of voice recorders Edic, smartphones iPhone including iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus, microphones in laptops and headsets, as well as a variety of bugs.

Technology Ultranoise 2nd generation:

1. Modulation of ultrasonic carrier specially selected noise signal of audio range. The result is a signal that is perceived by the human ear as a sound similar to a background alternating current in disconnected speaker. In microphone recording or sound device, the sound turns into a loud noise that covers all other sounds.

2. Duology (glucostatic) signal. Uses 2 ultrasonic frequency, which significantly extends the number of types of recording devices suppressed.

Approximate distances of suppression:

The effectiveness of the blocker is not the same for different devices. For iPhone4, iPhone5 and most Chinese bugs suppressing distance is 6 meters or more. For iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus (Americans) the distance of the effective suppression of 1.2 – 1.5 meters. For iPhone6 acquired in Asia, the distance of oppression, usually 2 – 4 meters. For video cameras, microphones in laptops and headsets distance of suppression is in the range of 1.5 – 3 meters. For some phones the distance of suppression may not exceed 1 meter.






Ed. metering

Power supply interlocks





The operating voltage of the network adapters





Consumption column 25 kHz




Consumption column 18 kHz




Frequency range of interference (2 bands)









Power control interference

There are 3 levels

Protection against overload and perepolyusovka


Temperature range




The options in the graph Type measured at 20⁰C and 12V, if applicable.

To enable the device, simply connect power supply and push red buttons on each of the columns. It is desirable to direct the blockers in the direction of the possible location of the record ustroystva.

Power adjustable

If necessary decrease the capacity of the lock, the supply voltage can be lowered from 12 to 9 or 7.5 volts. To do this, disconnect the power supply from the network and toggle the yellow arrow to the desired tension with key supplied with the power supply. You should not set the voltage below 7.5 volts.

Control power

If voltage is less than 7.0 volts, the power indicator starts to flash. When the voltage is below 6.5 volts, the device enters sleep mode. When adjusting the power, you should not set the voltage below 7.5 volts. In case of short circuit or reverse polarity, the Spysonic-21 has built-in protection.

Operating conditions

The spysonic 21 allows operation in a wide temperature range

(-20⁰С...+50⁰С) with humidity up to 95%. Operation in conditions of direct exposure to rain or snow is not allowed.

Unterdrückte Systeme Edic/iPhone/Rustle/ISU
Ausrüstung Column 2 pieces (18 kHz and 25 kHz). Universal Power Adapter 2 pcs. A key for switching power 1 pc. Operation manual 1 pc.

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