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Compact Mini Spy Recorder ST E61
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  • Motion Sensor :
  • A/C :
  • Memory size :
    8 GB
  • Battery :
    from the network
  • Control range :
    7 m
  • Humidity :
  • Battery Life :
    4 days
  • Memory usage :
    1GB/37.5 h
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Feature model is a Compact audio recorder E61 ST

The design recorder is a Compact audio recorder ST E61 is very relevant.

Compact recorder ST E61 is available to use.

Charging the recorder is derived from the short-staffed independent energy source.

Sound recordings are played on a PC using the RecManager program is available on the CD included in the box.

Package contents:

the recorder

USB cord

cord with connector for connection to external power supply

CD-ROM with software and manual use

instruction manual

pass guarantee


Guide to using

To implement the first recorder need to connect an independent power supply 3 volts to the connector. Include "Sound Recorder". Once you start recording, the led will blink 5 times. To stop recording click on "Stop" and the indicator flashes 1 time. When the recording indicator flashes twice, it will say on the Unallocated memory and the status of the power supply.

To play the recording only after bring it on a computer hard disk using the program "RecManager".

No questions.

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